Gran Canaria

Are you a sports enthusiast who likes active vacations? Do you like to combine action with relaxation? Then you might consider going on an active trip to Gran Canaria. The Spanish island is an open-air sports centre that never disappoints. Nice weather with mild temperatures anytime of the year, an incredibly large variety of sports, fauna and flora that will astonish you and the sea as a 24/7 swimming pool. With an average temperature of 24°C, Gran Canaria is the perfect place to escape the winter.


Gran Canaria is a true biking paradise and becomes more popular each year among cycling tourists. The island is in fact one large network of cycling routes both for beginners and experts. The landscape offers wonderful routes alongside the coastline, over mountainous areas and rocky plains. The magnificent nature will encourage you to keep exploring as you will be curious to see what other pearls the island has to offer. Whether you want to discover the island with your family or you are looking for a serious challenge, there are routes for everyone. Several websites have enlisted the best cycling routes, divided by difficulty level. Are you in for a bumpy ride?

A few interesting websites for cycling in Gran Canaria


With its volcanic and mountainous landscape, Gran Canaria is a great host for climbers. Various periods of volcanic eruptions have kneaded the island into one enormous climbing wall. This evidently means that there are climbing sites all over the island, both for the less and more experienced climbers. The specific structure of the rocks make them ideal for climbing since they are fairly solid and not slippery. Beginners can find climbing schools in the more touristic areas, where at the same time you will find information about the best climbing locations.

On some active tourism companies are enlisted, clearly divided into the northern and southern region.


Why is Gran Canaria such a great surf spot? There are several reasons for that. The area 'La Cícer' in Las Canteras is one of the best spots for learning how to surf, there is a large number of surf schools and finally, the island has a superb climate that offers only the best surf conditions and makes it possible to enjoy the sport throughout the year. Gran Canaria is the perfect place to start surfing, even for kids. The north offers the best surf spots with 'La Cícer', 'El Confital' and 'El Fronton' worth checking out, while 'San Agustin' and 'Playa del Inglés' guarantee softer breaks and sandy beaches in the south-west. The island counts many surf shops where you can rent adequate equipment.

A few interesting websites for surfing in Gran Canaria

Impossible to be bored

When you've had enough of riding waves and cycling the island, take some time to relax and enjoy the wonderful fauna and flora, and the enjoyable sandy beaches. They will charm you without a doubt.