Lowest Fare Guarantee terms & conditions

1. To benefit from Brussels Airlines' online lowest fare guarantee (LFG) you must have purchased and made full payment for a qualifying flight at www.brusselsairlines.com using a credit or debit card or Paypal (where available). The LFG applies only to bookings made online at www.brusselsairlines.com and not to those purchased via the Service Center or otherwise. The flight booked can be either a one-way or return Brussels Airlines flight, and needs to be exclusively operated by Brussels Airlines (hence, code-share flights operated by Brussels Airlines’ partners are excluded).

To qualify for the Brussels Airlines LFG you must have found a cheaper fare on another website for the same ticket, meaning:

  • the same route, with each leg of the trip flown in the same order,
  • the same travel dates,
  • the same flight numbers,
  • the same travel class/product (Check&Go, Light&Relax, Flex&Fast, Bizz&Class, Economy, Business),
  • the same fare conditions (such as whether tickets are/are not flexible, refundable or changeable and the cost of making such changes),
  • the same number and type of passengers,
  • the fare quoted has to be in the same currency as the one booked on brusselsairlines.com.

The fare (i.e. the fare quoted including taxes, fees, charges and surcharges) plus any associated booking and card payment fees must be cheaper than the flight purchased through brusselsairlines.com.

Websites showing fares but not allowing users to book the cheaper online fare will not qualify for the LFG.

Comparisons will be made based on the same payment type as used on brusselsairlines.com for payment. Where a payment method is not available on the website with the lower online fare, the comparison will be based on a similar payment method e.g. if payment was done with a credit card, comparison will be made with a similar credit card payment method.

2. The LFG is applicable only to the original booking made online and any subsequent changes to a booking will not be able to benefit from the LFG.

3. Claims can only be made by submitting a LFG form online. No claim for a LFG can be made by telephone or otherwise. Incomplete LFG forms will not be accepted. Forms must be submitted online through www.brusselsairlines.com within 1 hour following the online booking with Brussels Airlines. You need to save and send a screen shot of the fare quote page taken from the other website where you found a cheaper fare.

4. To qualify for a LFG you must supply sufficient evidence of the cheaper quote in the form of screenshot of the fare quote page, together with a copy of the conditions applicable to the cheaper quote. Please note that the copy of any attachment to the fare quote page must be taken at the same time the cheaper fare screenshot is taken.

5. Brussels Airlines is not responsible for any LFG forms which are not received or which are delayed in transmission.

6. The LFG will not apply when:

  • a. the difference in cost between the purchase on www.brusselsairlines.com and the cheaper online fare is smaller than 5€ or the result of an error by the other online site
  • b. the cheaper online fare is not available to the general public. Such fares include, but are not limited to, corporate discount fares, staff fares, consolidator fares, wholesaler fares, student fares, closed user group fares ; or
  • c. the cheaper online fare has been discounted by the other online site by use of vouchers, loyalty rewards, redemption of frequent flyers miles or similar, and including any other offers or incentives to reduce the total cost; or
  • d. the cheaper online fare is part of a travel package with an inclusive airfare; or
  • e. Brussels Airlines is unable to verify, using reasonable means, that the cheaper online fare is available or
  • f. you have exercised your right to obtain a refund or have cancelled your booking before you apply for a LFG, in which case Brussels Airlines ' usual General Conditions of Carriage for cancellations and refunds apply.

7. Brussels Airlines fares as displayed on www.brusselsairlines.com are subject to change. If you find a lower fare for your flight on brusselsairlines.com after you have booked your flight, the LFG will not apply.

8. If the claim meets all the Terms and Conditions of the LFG, a refund of the difference between the fare paid on www.brusselsairlines.com and the cheaper online fare, will be done within 30 days of the claim having been verified by Brussels Airlines. A letter or email confirmation will be sent to the claimant containing the 15% discount promocode.

9. The refund of the price difference is the sole and exclusive compensation that will be made to qualified claimants who show that Brussels Airlines failed to meet its LFG.

10. The information provided to us will be used only in connection with the LFG. For information on Brussels Airlines' privacy policy please click here

11. The LFG will apply only upon compliance by you with Brussels Airlines' usual General Conditions of Carriage for booking flights which are available on our website at www.brusselsairlines.com. Please read these carefully. 12. Only one claim per booking made and paid for in full at www.brusselsairlines.com can be submitted.

13. Brussels Airlines is the final authority on interpretation of these rules and no correspondence will be entered into.

14. Brussels Airlines reserves the right to terminate or amend this LFG at any time upon simple notice.