Lowest fare guaranteed

We guarantee that our website is the best place to book your Brussels Airlines tickets at the lowest fare. If you find a lower fare elsewhere online for the same ticket, we will refund you the difference and on top, we will give you a 15% discount for your next booking on brusselsairlines.com, subject to Terms and Conditions.

Lowest fare guarantee

How does it work?

1. Book your flight at www.brusselsairlines.com (only flights exclusively operated by Brussels Airlines, not code-share flights)

2. Within the hour following your online booking on the Brussels Airlines website, you find a lower fare for the same ticket on another website.

The same ticket means:

  • the same route, with each leg of the trip flown in the same order
  • the same travel dates
  • the same flight numbers,
  • the same travel class/product (Check&Go, Light&Relax, Flex&Fast, Bizz&Class, Economy, Business)
  • the same fare conditions (such as whether tickets are/are not flexible, refundable or changeable and the cost of making such changes)
  • the same number and type of passengers
  • the same form of payment
  • the fare quoted has to be in the same currency as the one booked on brusselsairlines.com
  • no loyalty programme

3. Take a screenshot of the fare quote page showing the lower fare, complete our claim form and submit it to us within the hour after booking your flight on brusselsairlines.com.

The screenshot of the website should include as a minimum:

  • Date and time the screenshot was taken;
  • Full itinerary (including all flight numbers);
  • All passengers total costs including credit/debit card charges & booking fees; and
  • Website name/logo.

This may require more than one screenshot to capture all of this information.

4. We will evaluate your request and if all criteria are met, we will refund you the fare difference and offer you a promocode for a 15% discount on your next booking on brusselsairlines.com.

The 15% discount will be valid for any flight operated by Brussels Airlines and for all travel classes except for Check&Go tickets. The discount will apply to the base fare only, not to taxes and fees.

To consult the detailed terms and conditions of our Lowest Price Guarantee, please click here

How to take a screenshot:

  • For Windows users: Open the site that displays the lower price and press the key ‘Print Scrn’ on your keyboard. On some laptops you may have to press the function key at the same time. Open a new document (for example in Paint or Word) and press ‘CTRL + V’ on your keyboard. Save the document on your computer to upload it to our claim form.
  • For Mac/Macbook users: Open the site that displays the lower price and press the key combination ‘cmd + shift + 3’. The screenshot will automatically be saved on your desktop.
  • For iPad/iPhone users: Hold down the power button and at the same time press the home button. Look through your Camera Roll to see if the image has been saved correctly. To find your Cameral Roll just click on the ‘Photos’ app on your home screen.