The travel solution for exchange students.

  • Return flight
  • Flexible return date
  • 58kg baggage
  • Discounts on future flights


All taxes included.
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Take a return flight to your exchange destination.

Book a return flight to/from Brussels within our European network. When booking, simply choose your departure date and your most probable return date.

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Travel with 58KG baggage.

You can bring along (almost) everything you want!

  • 12kg hand baggage
  • 23kg checked baggage
  • 23kg checked baggage EXTRA

Change your return date.

If necessary, you have the option to change your return date at any time you want. 
(Subject to availability in Light&Relax on the flight of your choice).

The first change will be for free. From the second change, a €45 fee will be applicable.

Just give us a call or contact us via social media and we will arrange everything for you.


Get discounts for your family & friends.

Benefit from a 20% discount on 5 return Light&Relax or Flex&Fast tickets for your family and friends to visit you or for you to visit them.