Flights to Spain

Flamenco, tapas, Moorish castles, contemporary architecture, world-class museums, nightlife, vineyards, national parks, white-sand beaches… Spain is a marvellous country, no matter where you go! From the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao to the Alcazar in Seville, from the Ramblas in Barcelona to the Plaza Mayor in Madrid, from the Costa Blanca to the Costa de la Luz, to the Costa del Sol, the mainland has plenty of must-sees suiting all kinds of travellers. Beautiful beaches, warm weather all year-round and an easy-going vibe await you in the Spanish islands. While the Balearic Islands are mostly renowned for their legendary nightlife, the Canary Islands preserve a unique microcosm.

  • Alicante

    Alicante, an enchanting city situated on the famous Costa Blanca and overlooked by a shield of robust mountains.

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  • Barcelona

    Wander through the Ramblas, visit the Sagrada Familia or enjoy the Spanish nightlife: Barcelona is the place to be for any tourist.

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  • Bilbao

    The Santiago Cathedral and the Guggenheim Museum will be the highlights of your visit to Bilbao.

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  • Gran Canaria

    Mainly known as an island of beaches, Gran Canaria also offers you splendid forestland, amazing mountain views and diverse landscapes that look so unique they seem foreign.Awarded the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve Label, thanks to its Micronesian flora, unique pinewoods and unforgettable volcanic relief, nearly half of the island’s geographical space is included in this reserve.

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  • Ibiza

    There’s no place to party like Ibiza, but the Balearic island has much more to offer.

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  • Lanzarote

    Declared a UNESCO biosphere reserve, Lanzarote is the easternmost of the Canary Islands and is believed to have been the first of the archipelago to have emerged above sea level after the breakup of the African and American continental plates. Its volcanic landscape, perfect scuba diving location, year-round subtropical desert climate and 213km of coastline make this “island of fire-spitting mountains” the perfect holiday destination for both winter and summer.

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  • Madrid

    The capital of Spain is bursting with life, has a large number of sights and a formidable nightlife.

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  • Malaga

    Birthplace of the painter Pablo Picasso, home to monuments such the Alcazaba fortress-citadel, the Gibralfaro Castle and the Roman Theatre, Malaga is a vibrant city and one of Spain’s hottest cultural, gastronomic and leisure destinations.

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  • Palma de Mallorca

    Located in the southern bay of Mallorca, Palma could turn out to be your surprise holiday break. The city is mostly known for its sun and beach tourism, but its historic quarter and twisting cobbled streets surely shouldn’t be overlooked.

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  • Tenerife

    Tenerife is the largest of the seven islands that make up the Canary Island archipelago and lies just over 300 km from the African coast, and about 1,300 km from the Spanish Mainland. The island is known throughout the world as the “Island of Eternal Spring”.

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  • Valencia

    Imagine a cosmopolitan city on the Mediterranean coast, brimming with fascinating history and culture, along with futuristic architecture and modern art. Add 300 days of sunshine, 15 km of sandy beaches, four Michelin-starred restaurants and great hotel facilities and there you have it: welcome to Valencia!

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