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    Bristol Clifton Suspension Bridge

    Clifton Suspension Bridge

    The Clifton Suspension Bridge has surprised more than one. True symbol of Bristol, this monument 70 meters above the sea offers a spectacular view from the Observatory Hill. You can get a free tour every Saturday and Sunday.

    Bristol Cliftonwood

    Cliftonwood, Bristol

    This peaceful neighbourhood overlooking Bristol Harbourside is a must-see. Famous for its colourful houses, enjoy a lovely walk in a unique area.

    Flights to Bristol:

    Bristol, voted the UK’s most pleasant city, is unique. If you think Bristol has nothing to offer, you are clearly mistaken. Between its ports, museums, monuments, green spaces, street art and nightlife, you won’t have time to be bored. The kindness of its residents and the vibrancy of the city can only enchant you.

    What to do in Bristol:

    1. Visit the SS Great Britain: this ship was built in 1843 by I.K. Brunel and was at that time the largest boat ever built. It changed history by combining size, power and innovative technology.
    2. Walk around Strokes Croft, which is reputed to be the cultural and bohemian district of Bristol. Open your eyes while walking around, because it is also the neighbourhood of street-art murals. Unlike in other cities, street artists are not prosecuted for vandalism, they are actually considered innovative artists.
    3. The Millennium Square is the main square in the city centre. This square is distinguished by large water features and giant screens. It is one of the most beautiful outdoor spaces in the city.
    4. There are 450 green spaces in the city of Bristol. You have to see at least one, the Castel Park. This is where you can see the ruins of St Peter’s Church, destroyed during the Second World War.
    5. For animal lovers, there is the Zoological and Botanical Garden. This zoo houses more than 400 animal species, with a focus on rare exotic plants and animals. It has everything you need to entertain the children as well as the parents.
    6. If you want to know more about the history of Bristol, you should go to the “M-Shed” museum. It is located in a former harbour hangar. Thanks to its interactive and lively exhibits, your visit may take a good part of the day. Admission is free.
    7. The British Museum and Art Gallery houses an unrivalled collection of art from around the world. It exhibits ancient relics, antique collections, fossils, a museum of natural science and paintings from various centuries. You can find out about the last billion years of Earth’s history.
    8. The Cathedral of Bristol: this magnificent church is the result of many centuries of construction, which is why its architecture is a mixture of Roman, Gothic and neo-Gothic style.
    9. The Clifton Bridge: this is the symbol of Bristol. This bridge is suspended 75 metres above the sea. It offers a breathtaking view of the surroundings. Free guided tours are also available.

    Practical information for Bristol

    • Flights arrive at and depart from Bristol Airport, located 11 km outside of the city centre. You can take a shuttle bus which takes 30 minutes. Taxis and Uber are also available.
    • Current local time in Bristol:  
    • Currency: The local currency is the Pound sterling. You won’t have any trouble finding a cash machine (Visa, MasterCard, and AM).
    • Phone calls and Wi-Fi: The Bristol area code is 0117, and the international country code is +44. Wi-Fi networks are widely available in the city centre, the airport, and in many of Bristol’s hotels, restaurants, and cafés.
    • Electric sockets: Sockets have a standard voltage of 230 V and are type G (European standard). If you use American or other European plugs, you’ll need an adaptor.
    • Travel information: Citizens from European Economic Area countries don’t need a visa for a trip to Bristol. All they need is a passport or identity card. To find out if you need a UK visa, visit
    • Vaccination: European travellers don’t need any vaccinations for travel to Bristol. For more health information, visit

    Dos and don’ts in Bristol

    • If you’re thinking about taking a car, remember that they drive on the left in the UK.
    • Always stand in line. People from the UK take queuing very seriously. Whether it’s to board a bus or buy tickets at a kiosk, never attempt to jump the queue, as this will only result in arguments with the locals.
    • People in the UK are constantly apologising for the smallest mistake, even if they’re not at fault. Don’t forget to say ‘sorry’ if you accidentally bump into someone. They probably will too, even if it was your fault.
    • British people are quite reserved, so a handshake is the most appropriate form of greeting.
    • Avoid talking loudly in public, as this can be considered offensive or embarrassing.
    • Don’t stare, because privacy is very important in the UK, and British people consider this rude.

    Cultural events

    • Bristol international balloon fiesta: Ashton Court, in the suburbs of Bristol, hosts the world’s largest hot air balloon festival. For three days in August, spectators can admire some 130 balloons in the sky and can even take a ride in their favourite balloon.
    • River Town: for 6 weeks between June and July, concerts such as blues, country, gospel and more take place in different parts of the city.
    • For beer lovers, the “Bristol Craft Beer Festival” takes place mid-September. You can taste the best beers in a musical atmosphere.
    • The “Bristol Harbour Festival” takes place on the harbour side in late July. You will find ship shows along with circus performances, exhibitions, concerts, dances, restaurants and more.
    • The “Submerge Festival” is an international festival of digital art and electronic music. Creative, inspiring, fresh and exciting are the words that represent this festival well.

    When to visit Bristol

    A steady volume of precipitation characterizes the Bristol weather throughout the year. Bristol can be visited all year long, as temperatures never go very high or very low. However, it is a little bit warmer from May to September.

    What to eat in Bristol

    Bristol has a well-known reputation for food, and a wide range of nationalities are represented in its restaurants. It’s no surprise that with such a rich culture of flavours, Bristol has many traditional dishes that are specific to the area.

    • Fish and chips
      a solid favourite, sprinkled with salt and vinegar and often served with mushy peas.
    • Brummie bacon cakes
      These savoury scones have cheese and crispy bacon added to them and were rediscovered in an old woman’s cookery book. The cakes also include tomato ketchup and Worcestershire sauce to give them extra spiciness.
    • Scones
      a small unsweetened or lightly sweetened cake made from flour, fat and milk. Sometimes they add fruit or some cream.
    • Frumenty
      Frumenty is the oldest known dish in England and it’s the ultimate comfort food. It’s a porridge meal made with boiled wheat, sugar, milk, almonds, plums, and currants.
    • Lambswool
      This bizarrely named drink is a sweet spicy punch made with baked apples. The drink was originally made with ale, but nowadays it’s made with cider. Baked apple, nutmeg, and ginger are also added to the brew to give this drink an extra punch.
    • Tea
      drinking tea in the afternoon while eating cakes is a tradition still deeply rooted in British daily life.

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