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    Puerto Mogan, Gran Canaria, Canary Islands, Spain

    Little Venice

    Fall in love with Puerto Mogan, a picturesque fishing village of Gran Canaria, and discover the beautiful houses blooming in colourful flowers.

    Gran Canaria Sea Boat

    Out of this world landscapes

    Immerse yourself in a unique combination of sceneries, colours, flavours and escape the winter by exploring the fauna and flora that will astonish you every time.

    Flights to Gran Canaria, Canary Islands

    Mainly known as an island of beaches, Gran Canaria also offers you splendid forestland, amazing mountain views and diverse landscapes that look so unique they seem foreign.
    Awarded the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve Label, thanks to its Micronesian flora, unique pinewoods and unforgettable volcanic relief, nearly half of the island’s geographical space is included in this reserve. Together with a thousand microclimates and millions of natural species, Gran Canaria is the miniature continent where you can find every natural environment you could wish for.

    No wonder this is the most populated island of the entire archipelago - who could resist such an exquisite location?

    Things to do in Gran Canaria?

    1. With a total of 236 km of coastline, beach lovers will definitely find their paradise in Gran Canaria. Located in the south, the sandy golden dunes of Maspalomas is one of the most visited coastlines of Europe. Next to that, you will find Playa del Inglés, ideal for families; this wide beach contains protected areas that are perfect for children.
    2. Climb up El Faro, the famous old lighthouse, built in 1861 on the southernmost point of the island, to help guide steamboats that covered routes between Europe, Africa and America.
    3. Explore the many and different protected nature reserves such as Tamadaba Natural Park, Nublo Rural Park, Guayadeque Valley, and more that serve as resting stops for birds migrating from Europe to Africa.
    4. If you’re more of an urban explorer, you will love the island’s capital Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, located in the north-east of the island. Discover the many historical buildings of Las Palmas and take a stroll down the Avenida Marítima to the sports marina or experience the nightlife in Las Canteras.
    5. Casa de Colon, the house in which Christopher Columbus stayed when on the island, now tells the story of his explorations through interactive maps, journals and exhibitions explaining the dangers of each voyage. Available in English and in Spanish, it’s a good way of getting out of the sun, and keeping kids occupied for a few hours once you’re tired of the beach.
    6. If you are aching for a piece of traditional Gran Canaria, head out to the old town of La Vegueta. There aren’t many shops and there are very few bars, so all there is left to do is stroll through the quiet cobbled streets and take pictures of the beautiful pastel houses. It’s the perfect place for a quiet afternoon.
    7. Go Dolphin watching in the Gran Canarian sea, and observe these majestic creatures in their natural habitat.
    8. Learn how to deep-sea dive and surf along the hidden beaches at Vargas and Pozo Izquierdo. The island offers the best surfing conditions that make it possible to enjoy these sports throughout the whole year. The north offers the best surf spots with La Cícer, El Confital and El Fronton, while San Agustin and Playa del Inglés guarantee softer breaks and sandy beaches in the south-west. The island counts many surf shops where you can rent adequate equipment.
    9. Gran Canaria is a true biking paradise and becomes more popular each year among cycling tourists. The island is in fact one large network of cycling routes for both beginners and experts. Several websites have enlisted the best cycling routes, divided by difficulty level. Are you in for a bumpy ride?
    10. With its volcanic and mountainous landscape, Gran Canaria is a great host for climbers and hikers. Various periods of volcanic eruptions have kneaded the island into one enormous climbing wall. The Spanish island is an open-air sports centre that never disappoints!
    11. Alternatively, if you want to cool things down, but not too much, you can play golf on the edge of a volcanic relief. With its eight golf courses, Gran Canaria was named the Best European Golf Destination of the Year 2013.

    Practical info information for Gran Canaria

    • Brussels Airlines flights arrive and depart from Gran Canaria Airport which is 25 km from the city centre. Bus line 60 will bring you from the airport to the city centre and vice versa. A bus ticket costs €2.30 and the journey takes approx. 35 minutes.
    • Current local time in Gran Canaria:  
    • Currency: as Gran Canaria is part of the Spanish owned Canary Islands, the currency is the euro. All major global credit and debit cards are accepted in both big cities and small towns, but it’s always a good idea to have some cash on you.
    • Telephone calls and Wi-Fi: The country code for Spain is 0034 and the internal area code for Gran Canaria is 928. The full city code, including the 00, must always be dialled, even when calling within Tenerife itself. Free Wi-Fi hotspots have been added throughout the island. In addition, many cafés, restaurants and hotels offer Wi-Fi, though you often need a password.
    • Electric sockets: Spain’s power supply is 220 volts. US and UK visitors, as well as tourists from other countries, will need a plug adaptor to use their electronic devices.
    • Travel information: Spain is a full Schengen member. Non-EU citizens need a valid passport with at least 6 remaining valid months. Make sure that children travelling with you have their own passport or ID card. For all information on visas and travel documents, visit the website:
    • Vaccination: No vaccinations are necessary to visit Spain. For more health information, visit the website

    Dos and don’ts in Gran Canaria

    • Renting a car is the best and cheapest way to visit Gran Canaria. A ring road goes all around the island, except for the area of the natural parks. Making the tour of the island takes approximately 1 hour.
    • If you go shopping, it’s better to pay in euro, the local currency. Merchants may raise their prices if you are paying in another currency.
    • Gran Canaria is a tourist island, but Spanish remains the dominant language. Hence, knowing some basic phrases in Spanish will always be useful and appreciated.

    Spanish phrase book

    Say “Hola” and “Hasta luego” when you enter and leave a café or a restaurant, “Gracias” (thank you) and “Por favor” (please) when you ask for something. Also useful in shops: “¿Cuánto cuesta?” (How much?), in museums “Un billete por favor” (one ticket please) and in restaurants “La cuenta por favor” (the check please).

    Cultural events in Gran Canaria

    • Carnival (between January and February). During 2 months, it can get crazy on Gran Canaria, and especially in Las Palmas, with street parties lasting until the early hours and thousands of dressed up people, singing and dancing. The celebrations end with the traditional “burial of the sardine”.
    • Fiestas, associated with the patron saints, are held throughout the year. Almost each town has its own celebration and it’s a good way to discover local traditions.

    When to visit Gran Canaria

    Gran Canaria enjoys a remarkably mild climate throughout the year. There are no seasons of extreme cold or suffocating heat. Average temperatures fluctuate between 16º and 24º C in winter, between 26º and 28º C in summer. Depending on where you are – the coast, the centre, or the mountains – you’ll be able to enjoy different microclimates, each featuring its own characteristic flora and fauna.

    What to eat in Gran Canaria

    Gran Canaria is a sea of flavours - each of the 21 municipalities contributes a secret ingredient to the islands’s cuisine. Try the traditional cheese Queso de Flor or a piece of bienmesabe, a typical dessert prepared with honey and almonds. Thanks to the fine climate, Gran Canaria provides a gourmet range of products including tomatoes, apples, olives, tropical fruits, oranges, sweet bananas and a huge assortment of fresh fish.
    Come and taste the best bananas in the world at Gran Canaria! The Canarian banana known as Dwarf Cavendish, is considered the sweetest and tastiest banana in the world. They are the most delicious when you get them from the local market. The yellow fruit that you usually eat will never taste the same to you!
    Additionally, the best way to try the specialties of the island and eat like a local is to order the “menu del día”, the daily menu. Usually resort restaurants do not offer this option, so head to the local places.
    One suggestion would be La Cantina (Calle Doreste y Molina 38). Situated in a 500-year-old house, this restaurant has a chunky wood and stone aesthetic that is immediately inviting. The food is simple but tasty, featuring steaks and fish, tapas and a few Italian dishes, with the daily specials being a particular standout.

    Hidden wonders in Gran Canaria

    Mike, from Revenue Management, and Iris, Management Trainee, are partners in life, globetrotters and seasoned photographers. Mike’s grandparents used to own a property in Gran Canaria, so the couple took off for two weeks on the island in search of Mike’s childhood memories.

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