Even if you are pregnant, it doesn’t mean you cannot fly! Here you will find all the information you may need.

Mothers-to-be with complication-free pregnancies can fly on Brussels Airlines flights up to four weeks before their expected due date (i.e. up to and including the 36th week of pregnancy) upon presentation of a recent medical certificate reporting the estimated date of delivery.

Expectant mothers beyond the 28th week of their pregnancy are recommended for European and U.S. flights and are obliged for flights to/from Africa to carry a current letter from a physician which includes the following:

  • confirmation that the pregnancy is progressing without complications
  • the expected due date
  • a statement that the patient's pregnancy does not prevent her from travelling by air.

Medical clearance is needed for acceptance of expectant mothers with:

  • complicated pregnancies
  • twins or a multiple pregnancy as from the 28th week of pregnancy

Please contact our Medical Assistance Co-ordination Service for more information. 

Contact Medical Assistance Co-ordination Service 

Phone : +32 2 723 3703 or Fax: +32 2 723 3705 


Opening hours: Monday till Friday: from 9AM – 4 PM Saturday, Sunday and bank holidays: from 9AM – 1 PM

When the expectant mother has no medical documents/certificate to proof her expected due date, the pregnant lady can be refused to board the plane for safety reasons by the captain, if the captain has doubts that she is not 100% able to complete her flight without needing extraordinary care.

Please note that for security reasons pregnant women are not allowed to seat at the emergency/exit row.

Tips for travelling during pregnancy:

  • Always consult your gynaecologist before travelling, he/she will advise you about all possible risks
  • Although metal detectors don’t use X-ray, you can ask the security to opt for a pat-down instead of a scanning
  • Choose confortable clothing and wear compression stockings to facilitate blood circulation
  • Don’t bring heavy hand luggage and ask for help to retrieve them
  • Attach your seat belt below your belly
  • Walk around from time to time. If possible, ask for an aisle seat at the check-in
  • Drink often, especially water
  • If you are on a special diet, have a look at our special meals