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    Strasbourg canals

    The canals

    Enjoy a cruise around the city and discover it from a different perspective. It's the best way to effortlessly see the city at a glance.

    Petit France Strasbourg

    Charming Strasbourg

    Discover the colourful houses of Strasbourg around “Petite France”. These half-timbered houses and streets filled with flowers are the charming soul of Strasbourg.

    Flights to Strasbourg

    With incredible historical and architectural heritage, Strasbourg is a European capital and the capital of Alsace. This welcoming, charming city has plenty to offer, from its UNESCO World Heritage city centre, traditional events and local Alsace cuisine and wines, along with its beautiful canals, parks, museums and monuments.

    Whatever you choose to do during your stay, one thing’s for sure: the city has plenty of places to visit and activities to keep you busy. Book your cheap flight to Strasbourg with Brussels Airlines now.

    What to do in Strasbourg?

    1. Visit Strasbourg Cathedral, the city’s architectural gem. With three portals, an impressive number of stained-glass windows, an astronomical clock and a panoramic terrace, this Gothic cathedral is a stunning sight. With its 143-metre spire, it was the tallest monument in Christendom until the 19th century.
    2. Wander around Petite France: this area is a haven of tranquillity in the city centre. Between the Pont Saint-Martin and the Place Benjamin Zix, admire the half-timbered houses as you stroll along the canals.
    3. If you want to find out more about the region’s rural heritage, head for the Musée Alsacien (Alsatian Museum). Occupying three stunning old houses, it’s home to thousands of items which give an idea of what rural life was like in Alsace in the 18th and 19th centuries.
    4. The German neighbourhood of Neudstadt was built as an extension to the city of Strasbourg by the German authorities during the annexing of Alsace-Lorraine. This area is considered to be home to some of the best examples of German imperial architecture and town planning; the Place de la République is a must-see. It lies to the north and north-east of the historic city centre; part of it was recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2017.
    5. Visit a winstub: literally meaning “wine lounge”, these restaurants are commonly found in Alsace and German-speaking Switzerland and are a genuine institution in Strasbourg. Try typical dishes and local wines in welcoming, homely surroundings.
    6. Visit the Parc de l’Orangerie for a romantic walk. Storks, which were facing extinction, were reintroduced in this park; you can admire them throughout the year. You can also go boating on the lake, visit the zoo and its mini farm, go bowling, enjoy an al fresco drink, eat in the park’s gourmet restaurant, see exhibitions in the Pavillon Joséphine and much more.
    7. Fans of art will love the Musée d’Art Moderne et Contemporain (Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art) with its beautiful collections of art, graphic arts and photography.
    8. As a European capital, just like Brussels and Luxembourg City, Strasbourg is home to a number of European institutions which are open to visitors.
    9. Visit the Palais Rohan, home to three museums: Decorative Arts, Fine Arts and Archaeology. This impressive house dates back to the 18th century and was built on the site of a former bishop’s palace.

    Practical info

    • Brussels Airlines flights take off and land at Strasbourg-Entzheim airport, 10 km from the city centre. You can reach the city by bus: buy your ticket online, from ticket machines or directly from the driver. You can also take the train or a taxi. Taxis are available 24 hours a day and most taxis accept credit and debit cards.
    • Current local time in Strasbourg: 
    • Currency: Euro. Use of credit and visa cards is very common in Strasbourg and they are readily accepted in bars and restaurants.
    • Country dialling code and Wi-Fi access: The country code for France is +33. There are numerous bars, cafés, and restaurants that offer free Wi-Fi to customers.
    • Electric sockets: Plug type C and type E (two round pins) are both in use. France uses a 220-240 volt and 50 Hz electrical system.
    • Travel information: As part of the Schengen zone, most EU citizens are free to travel to Strasbourg without a passport or visa. Non-EU citizens may require a Schengen visa to enter France, but a number of countries are exempt and can travel to France and stay for up to 90 days as a tourist. For specific requirements visit:
    • Vaccinations: No vaccinations are required to visit France. For more health information visit:

    Dos and Don’ts in Strasbourg

    • Say bonjour and au revoir when entering or leaving a shop, café or restaurant. Such greetings are considered good manners, as is making even a small effort to speak a few words of French.
    • With more than 600 km, Strasbourg has the largest network of cycle paths in France. You can explore the entire region of Alsace by bike. You’ll find maps at the Tourist Office and on the city’s website and you can rent a bike using the Vélhop rental service or from One City Bike.
    • Strasbourg also has 6 tram lines and 31 bus lines, covering the entire city. Buy your tickets from ticket machines or from the bus driver.
    • Driving into Strasbourg is not recommended, particularly given that the city is so well served in terms of public transport. You can leave your car in one of the city’s Park and Ride car parks.
    • Try some local fare in winstubs. These cosy and traditional restaurants are the ideal place in which to enjoy a good value meal of typical dishes and local Alsace wines.

    Local phrases & essential vocabulary

    Essential phrases include:

    • Hello: Bonjour (day) Bonsoir (evening)
    • Goodbye: Au revoir
    • Excuse me: Excusez-moi
    • Please: S’il vous plaît
    • Thank you: Merci
    • Where is… (the station): où est (la gare)? or
    • Where are… (the toilets): où sont (les toilettes)?
    • Yes/No: Oui/non
    • The bill please: L’addition s’il vous plaît
    • Do you speak English: Parlez-vous anglais?

    Cultural events in Strasbourg

    • Foire Saint-Jean (late June): traditionally, this funfair features huge firework displays to celebrate the summer solstice. Various celebrations are held in local villages to mark this occasion. An orchestra usually entertains the crowd at these events, where there’s plenty to eat and drink.
    • Light and water shows at the Cathedral (July and August): every evening, visitors can enjoy a free sound and light show at Strasbourg Cathedral.
    • Streisselhochzeit in Seebach (mid-July): literally translated as “bouquet wedding”, this is a three-day recreation of a peasant wedding, which was commonplace until the middle of the last century. This event showcases local Alsace traditions and the region’s rural heritage.
    • Festival de la Foire aux Vins d’Alsace in Colmar (mid-August): sample a wide range of locally produced wines. Concerts and events are organised along with tasting sessions at this fun festival.
    • Mariage de l’ami Fritz in Marlenheim (August): this festival recreates a traditional nineteenth-century wedding in Alsace. It combines exhibitions, shows, food and drink and fireworks. Fritz’s “stag party” is held on 14 August; on 15 August, enjoy some of the traditional events which are held in honour of the wedding of Fritz and Suzel.
    • The most famous fireworks in eastern France (14 August): watch a firework display lasting nearly an hour on Lake Gérardmer.
    • Christmas markets: Alsace is famed for its Christmas markets, organised all over the region from late November to late December.

    When to go to Strasbourg?

    Strasbourg has a continental climate with distinct seasons. Temperatures can vary significantly from season to season. Winters are usually very cold and summers are usually very hot with occasional sweltering temperatures. Strasbourg is a year-round destination and each season has its own characteristics. However, if you’re not a fan of very cold or very hot weather, it’s best to visit in spring or autumn.

    What to eat in Strasbourg?

    • Baeckeoffe: a traditional dish, simmered in Alsace white wine, which includes vegetables and three different kinds of meat: beef, lamb and pork.
    • Flammekueche: bread dough, covered in thick crème fraîche, lardons and raw onion, cooked in a bread oven at a very high temperature. It’s even more delicious when enjoyed with Alsace beer or a local white wine.
    • Choucroute (sauerkraut): fermented cabbage, flavoured with juniper berries, served with meat, charcuterie and potatoes.
    • Bretzels (pretzels): these knot-shaped brioches are poached in water with bicarbonate of soda and can include other ingredients (goat’s cheese, tomato, bacon, etc.).
    • Spätzles: a kind of pasta; its name literally means “sparrows”. Once they’re cooked and served on a plate, they’re said to look like a sparrow’s nest. They’re the perfect accompaniment to meat dishes served in sauce.
    • Mannala: brioche shaped like little men, made for Saint Nicholas Day (6 December). The dough can be plain or made with chocolate chips.
    • Kougelhopf: baked in a circular Bundt mould, this brioche can be sweet or savoury.
    • Pain d'épice (gingerbread): Alsace’s gingerbread has a well-earned reputation.

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