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    Toulouse, Capitole Square

    Capitole Square

    Capitole Square is located in the centre of Toulouse. The Capitole is majestic inside and out and is home to the Mairie (City Hall), a prestigious opera house and an art gallery!

    Toulouse, Pont Saint-Pierre

    Pont Saint-Pierre

    Although Pont Neuf is probably Toulouse’s most famous bridge, Pont Saint-Pierre is also worth a visit. This bridge over the Garonne River offers a beautiful view of the Pink City at sunset.

    Toulouse Church

    Flights to Toulouse

    Called ‘La Ville Rose’, or the ‘Pink City’, because of the rose-red brickwork of its buildings, Toulouse is a cosmopolitan melting pot brimming with history, culture and architectural wonders. Tour the city’s medieval Old Town for a glimpse of the city’s history, then head for its riverside cafés, which buzz with the vibrant energy of a modern European urban centre.

    Book your flights to Toulouse with Brussels Airlines and experience one of France's most enchanting cities.

    What to do in Toulouse?

    1. Walk through the Vieux Quartier, the atmospheric Old Town, filled with beautiful blushing pink churches and shops along winding streets.
    2. Visit the Place du Capitole. A highlight of Toulouse’s tourism, right in the heart of the city, this imposing square is one of the grandest in France. Ascend the marble staircase to the Salle des Illustres, a cavernous space filled with ornate frescos. If you can, dine onsite at the "Le Florida café"; the terrace has a gorgeous view, but the competition for tables is fierce.
    3. Enter the pink palace. Officially called the Hôtel d'Assézat, this stunning Renaissance palace now houses five centuries worth of artwork, including pieces by Cézanne, Matisse and Picasso.
    4. Go to the space park. If you're fascinated by space travel or are travelling with children, the futuristic Cité de l'Espace park is unmissable. The original Mir Space Station can be explored onsite, as well as fun space-travel simulations.
    5. For lovers of aviation, Airbus, one of the largest aeroplane manufacturers, is based in the city. You can take a tour of the factory or visit the Toulouse Airbus Museum.
    6. Foodies will love Toulouse. Things to do include wandering through Victor Hugo market, a gourmand's paradise that offers everything from fresh produce to charcuterie and artisanal chocolate.
    7. Lovers of contemporary and avant-garde art should check out "Les Abattoirs", a gallery of cutting-edge works housed in the city's former slaughterhouses. There's also the "Matou", the largest poster museum in Europe.
    8. Toulouse’s nightlife is vibrant and varied, from late-night venues that blend electro and reggae DJ sets with live music, to art deco piano cocktail bars.
    9. In Toulouse, rugby is an institution. Sports lovers should try to book tickets for one of the beloved local team Stade Toulousain’s home matches well in advance. Party lovers can join the raucous after-party that takes place in the bars and cafés at Place Saint-Pierre.

    Practical information for your trip to Toulouse

    • Brussels Airlines flights to Toulouse land at Toulouse -Blagnac Airport. You can reach the city centre via tramline T2, which runs from Toulouse airport every 15 minutes. It connects with the Toulouse metro via Ligne B at Palais de Justice. Local taxis and Toulouse car hire services can be booked at the airport. If you’re thinking of exploring the region, the Toulouse to Lourdes train takes just under 2 hours, while the Toulouse to Carcassonne train takes 41 minutes from Toulouse Montabiau station.
    • Current local time in Toulouse:  
    • Currency: Euro.
    • Telephone calls and Wi-Fi: The country code is +33. Free Wi-Fi is widely available throughout Toulouse.
    • Electric sockets: Types E. Standard voltage is 230 V, and standard frequency, 50 Hz. Visitors from the UK or the US will need an adapter.
    • Travel Information: France is a full member of the Schengen Area. Non-EU citizens require a valid passport with a minimum of 6 valid months remaining. Children travelling with you must have their own passport or ID card. For detailed information on visas and travel documents, visit:
    • Vaccinations: No vaccinations are required for visitors to France. For further health information visit:

    Dos and Don’ts in Toulouse

    • Shaking hands is the standard way to greet someone you don't know in Toulouse. If you've met them before, particularly if the person is a woman, it is customary to give one kiss on each cheek.
    • Do be polite in stores. Remember to greet sales staff with Bonjour before asking for assistance.
    • Use vous (formal 'you') and Madame or Monsieur for people you don't know well. Tu (informal ‘you’) and first names are strictly for friends and family.
    • Venture into a neighbouring country, Andorra is a popular, nearby option – renting a car is a great option but book in advance with a Toulouse car rental company to get the best deal.
    • Toulouse hotels range widely in cost and style, from luxury chain facilities to converted townhouses-cum-boutique B&Bs in the city’s signature pink. Take advantage of the variety on hand by booking your stay at a place that best fits your taste and budget.

    Local phrases & essential vocabulary

    Here are some essential phrases of French to help you get by during your stay:

    • Hello, Good morning: Bonjour.
    • How are you?: Comment-allez vous?
    • Fine, thank you. And you?: Bien, merci. Et vous?
    • Please: S'il vous plaît
    • Thank you: Merci
    • You're welcome: De rien
    • Yes: Oui
    • No: Non
    • Sorry, excuse me: Pardon
    • Do you speak English?: Parlez-vous Anglais?
    • I don't understand: Je ne comprends pas.
    • Good evening: Bonsoir
    • Goodnight: Bonne nuit
    • Goodbye: Au revoir
    • What's your name?: Comment vous appelez-vous?
    • My name is...: Je m'appelle...
    • Pleased to meet you: Enchante(é)!

    Cultural events in Toulouse

    Major cultural events take place year-round in Toulouse. If you’d like to attend a festival, book your Toulouse visit well in advance to ensure your dates match.

    • Music lovers are in for a treat, with several events on the calendar. In March, the city hosts the Flamenco Festival, while there are two electronic music festivals: Inox, in May and The Electronic Siestes, in July. The city’s famous piano festival, Piano aux Jacobins, is held every September.
    • Literature fans should check out the Marathon des Mots in June, a city-wide celebration of reading and authors from around the world.
    • There’s also the Toulouse Antiques Fair in November, followed by the Christmas Market, in late November through December.

    When to go to Toulouse?

    Toulouse’s weather is warm and humid in the summer months, with temperatures typically ranging from 18-22 degrees Celsius, falling to 2-5 degrees in winter. Visit between June and September to enjoy the multitude of outdoor activities in the city. For the Toulouse Christmas market, held each year at the Place du Capitole, visit in December.

    What to eat in Toulouse?

    Famous for its Mediterranean cuisine, Toulouse is full of treats to sample on your visit to the Pink City.

    • Toulouse cassoulet is perhaps the most famous: a hearty stew of beans and meat.
    • There's also the city's own trademarked sausage, Saucisse de Toulouse.
    • You can also try duck stew, confit de canard and garbure, a tasty chicken and cabbage soup, both standard offerings in any traditional Toulouse restaurant.
    • Toulouse also has excellent patisseries where you can indulge in treats like traditional pieces montées: choux pastry rolls piled high, filled with crème pâtissière, then covered with caramel or nougatine.

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