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      White sandy beach in Agadir

      The white, sandy beaches of Agadir.

      Enjoy the sun at Morocco’s most beautiful beaches.

      Colors and flavours of Morocco

      Moroccan colors and flavours.

      Explore the spice souks, the gardens and hammams of Agadir.

      Souk El Had Agadir

      Souk El Had in Agadir.

      Lose yourself in the biggest urban souk of Morocco.

      Flights to Agadir, Morocco

      If you are considering taking a trip to Morocco, Agadir is a required stop. This seaside resort on the shores of the Atlantic is the place par excellence for relaxing or practising sports. Indeed, conditions there are perfect for surfing, walking, or playing golf. Sports enthusiasts and tourists will both appreciate and be surprised by the large range of activities offered: fishing, yacht cruises, horse or camel riding, etc. It is really difficult not to find something to do in Agadir!

      Agadir, which means “the white city” in Arabic, probably owes its name to its numerous white sandy beaches. The streets and parks are very well maintained. As a result, it is lovely to walk and lose yourself in the city centre; you won’t notice the time passing by.

      So don’t wait a moment longer, and book your Brussels Airlines ticket to Agadir!

      What to do in Agadir?

      1. The beach at Agadir is the image of its city: very clean and white. If you want to take a nap, this beach is the perfect place. What’s more, it’s very well protected! A stroll by the sea will really hit the spot! That’s the time to stretch your legs, feel the wind on your face, and enjoy the smell of the sea. And you’ll be impressed with the number of joggers and people practising sports on the beach!
      2. The Kasbah (or Casbah) in Agadir is a fortress built in 1540 to protect the city from possible invasion, including by the Portuguese. This majestic 260 metre site overlooks the city and offers a unique view of Agadir. It’s an ideal place for a day trip and for enjoying the magnificent sunsets.
      3. The souk in Agadir is the largest urban souk in Africa. There are more than 3,000 shops, and what’s more, it is open 6 days out of 7! It is only closed on Mondays for cleaning.
      4. The fishing port of Agadir is one of the most significant in Morocco. It plays an important role for the regional economy, and whereas previously it was solely dedicated to fishing, it has now become a major harbour with other shops, too.
      5. To the south of Agadir is the Souss-Massa National Park which extends over 33,800 hectares. It is famous all over the world for its rare birds such as the bald ibis or the Eurasian spoonbill. There are also seven Berber villages in the park. If you’re a bird lover, don’t miss the valley of the birds. This 2.5 hectares safari park provides a habitat for birds and rare mammals. It’s a lovely way to spend a family day.

      Practical information for your trip to Agadir

      • Brussels Airlines flights arrive and depart from Agadir-Al Massira Airport, which is 25 km from Agadir. From there you can take the bus, hire a car, or take a taxi.
      • Time zone: UTC/GMT+1.
      • Currency: The local currency is the dirham. You won’t have any trouble finding cash machines (Visa, MasterCard and AM) and paying by bank card. Take note, bringing dirhams into the country or taking them out is prohibited.
      • Telephone calls and Wi-Fi: The dialling code for Morocco is +212. You will have no trouble finding Wi-Fi. Indeed, Wi-Fi networks are available in the airport, and are often in Agadir’s hotels, restaurants and cafés.
      • Electric sockets: These have a standard voltage of 220 V. If you use “European” plugs, you won’t need an adaptor. If you use American or British plugs, you will need one.
      • Travel information: A passport is mandatory whatever the reason for your stay or its length! You will need a visa for a stay of longer than 3 months. For all information on visas and travel documents, visit the website: www.iatatravelcentre.com.
      • Vaccination: There are no mandatory vaccinations for European travellers. For more health information, visit the website www.iatatravelcentre.com.

      What to do and not do in Agadir?

      • If you hire a car please note that seatbelts are mandatory. There is zero tolerance with respect to drink-driving, and it is illegal to talk on a mobile phone whilst driving. All signs are written in two languages, French and Arabic.
      • Bring cash when you go shopping because shopkeepers are known to increase the price if you don’t pay with cash. However, don’t hesitate to haggle in the shops (except supermarkets), it’s a very common practice in Morocco. All work deserves payment, so when someone does you a favour, you are expected to give them a tip... even for taking a photo!
      • Do you want to take home souvenirs from Morocco? You’ll be spoilt for choice: slippers, pastries, Argan oil, spices, perfumes, and why not a carpet or a traditional outfit?
      • In Morocco there are two official languages, Arabic and Amazigh, which are spoken in the streets and villages of Morocco. French is also widely spoken.

      Survival vocabulary of Moroccan Arabic

      • Good morning: Salam Alekum
      • Goodbye: Msal'khir
      • Please: Min fadlak
      • Thank you: Shoukran
      • Yes: Wakha
      • No: La
      • Excuse me: Smahli / Afak
      • I’d like (in a restaurant) Ana ourid
      • I don't understand: Ma Fhamtch
      • I would like to go to ...Brit Nemchi

      When to go to Agadir?

      There is no bad time of year to go to Agadir. The city enjoys a perfect year-round climate for holidaymakers. Temperatures fluctuate between 22°C and 30°C! However, if you really need a recommendation, the best time to go would be between June and October.

      So, take sun cream whichever time of year you go, but don’t forget to take slightly warmer clothes for the evening, and something respectable to wear when walking around the city.

      What to eat in Agadir?

      Moroccan gastronomy is known all over the world for its aromas and flavours. Amongst those not to miss are the tagines and couscous dishes, which are endlessly varied, the pastillas (Moroccan pies), salads, desserts and breads. If someone offers you a mint tea, never refuse: first of all, it’s good, but also, refusing isn’t the done thing.

      Cultural events in Agadir

      • Timitar Festival (January): This is THE musical gathering in Agadir! If you are partial to exotic music don’t miss this event.
      • International Festival of Documentaries (April/May): This festival is a chance to see marvellous documentaries on a wide variety of subjects.

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