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  • Return flight
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  • Unlimited train
    rides in Belgium
  • Access to more
    than 50 activities

‎€ 169

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  • Choose a weekend!

    In Belgium, 'a weekend' is a flexible concept: you can take off to Brussels as from Thursday and return up to the following Tuesday.

  • Fly to Brussels

    Whichever city you fly from, we are flying you to the vibrant heart of Europe: Brussels. The railway station is located in the airport terminal, at level -1.

  • Discover Belgium

    Connect between multiple Belgian cities by train and use your experience and activity vouchers all around the country.

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    After a great weekend in Belgium you can sit back and relax once more on board during your flight back home.

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    Tell everybody all about the great time you’ve had in Belgium. Feel free to share your stories, photo’s and video’s on all of your social networks.

  • HiBrussels

    Brussels, the capital of Europe
    As the home of the European Parliament, one of the most striking things about Brussels is how multicultural, dynamic and open the city is.
    The Belgian capital is full of life, and you’ll find lots of things to do, no matter your interests. From the history and art that fill its many museums, to the beer and bars that make its nightlife famous, the city has an energy and atmosphere that makes it the perfect weekend getaway destination.

    Our suggestions for Brussels

  • HiAntwerp

    Antwerp, the capital of cool
    Antwerp is a city of trendsetters - as it has always been. You'll find the city's style reflected in its architecture (check out the railway station and the Port House!), its museums (oh, the MAS with its 360° panoramic views, and the stylish art at Museum Mayer van den Bergh!) and even in the food on your plate. Where else would a Michelin-starred chef open a deluxe fries stand? That's right, in the beautiful city on the river Scheldt.

    Our suggestions for Antwerp

  • HiGhent

    Ghent, Belgium's hipster capital
    What makes Ghent so special? That's easy: the unique combination of respectable old and rebellious new! You can exit the medieval Castle of the Counts (Gravensteen) head straight into a museum of contemporary art (SMAK), or stroll through experimental graffiti street to stately St. Bavo's Cathedral (Sint-Baafskathedraal) that houses the Ghent Altarpiece (except for that one stolen panel, of course). Here, you can tuck into some trendy haute dogs and finish off with a few authentic, sweet Ghent neuzekes, a cone shaped candy also called cuberdons. According to Lonely Planet, Ghent is 'Europe's best-kept secret' - we couldn't agree more!

    Our suggestions for Ghent

  • HiBruges

    Bruges, the capital of heritage
    The heart of Bruges, surrounded by an almost continuous ring of canals, is the best preserved example of medieval Flanders. The city centre is so picture perfect, that it is nigh on impossible to take a bad photograph. All the stunning beauty and culture of this unforgettable city can be easily explored on foot, by boat ride along quiet canals, or by horse-drawn carriage over cobblestone streets. Although Bruges is a small city, it will easily take more than one day to explore all of its architectural and artistic treasures, folklore, chocolate shops, lace boutiques, and local restaurants.

    Our suggestions for Bruges

  • HiLeuven

    Leuven, the capital of ideas
    Leuven is a versatile city - offering both age-old heritage and fresh innovation. The 15th-century late-Gothic town hall is truly an architectural gem, as are the many Gothic and Baroque churches. The university and the Botanic Garden are the oldest in the country. And then there's the Stella Artois brewery, which tells a story of tradition and craftsmanship. On the other hand, the university brings a young crowd and buzzy vibe to the city, especially visible on the Oude Markt, the beating heart of the nightlife and bar district.

    Our suggestions for Leuven

  • HiMechelen

    Mechelen, the capital of diversity
    Mechelen is on everybody’s doorstep, located in the heart of Flanders, midway between Brussels and Antwerp. Brussels Airport to Mechelen is a mere 11 minutes by train. The whole city is within walking distance, so you can stroll from one landmark to the next highlight. You’ll stumble upon historic buildings, a treasure of arts and heritage and some exceptional experiences. And the people of Mechelen are more than happy to give you a warm welcome!

    Our suggestions for Mechelen

  • HiYpres

    Ypres, the capital of peace
    Ypres is a city with a rich and diverse past. It was a flourishing place of commerce during the Middle Ages, when the city was one of the leading textile centres in Flanders. The charming city was reduced to rubble during the First World War (1914-1918). Today Ypres is the centre of The Flanders Fields Country. The Cloth Hall houses the internationally renowned In Flanders Fields Museum and - from the summer of 2018 on - the Yper Museum. At the Menin Gate you can witness the daily, chilling rendition of The Last Post at 8 pm sharp. Several other museums, World War I sites, cemeteries and relics around Ypres tell the history of 100 years ago in order to never forget the past.

    Our suggestions for Ypres

  • HiCharleroi

    Charleroi, the capital of dynamism
    Town of a thousand faces, Charleroi is both bourgeois and industrial, offbeat and good-natured, bohemian and trendy, just like its inhabitants and cultural proponents. It is the seedbed for the unusual where alternative culture has found fertile soil. The old industries now become showcases for artists, desolate walls become large-scale canvasses for street artists, slag heaps are scaled, the ring road is photographed and the underground becomes the vehicle of choice for sightseers.

    Fashioned on industrial urban landscapes such as Liverpool, Birmingham, Bilbao or Metz, which have opted in favour of urban regeneration and where culture has played a determining role, Charleroi is now undergoing a complete transformation. The changes to come will make the town unmissable.

  • HiEupen

    Eupen, the capital of nature
    Eupen is the capital of Ostbelgien, in the Eastern cantons. It is situated at the crossroads of Roman and Germanic cultures. The town is characterised by its multilingualism, and also a rich and varied way of life. Spared during the war, the town of Eupen is home to a stunning built heritage, which dates from the 18th and 19th centuries, and a significant cultural heritage. Encircled by woodland, Eupen is also situated at the entrance to an exceptional marshland site: the Hautes Fagnes (high fens). The “Hertogenwald” (Duke’s wood), the peat bogs of the Hautes Fagnes Nature Reserve and the dam of the Vesdre Valley make Eupen a remarkable place waiting to be explored.
    Our suggestions for Eupen

  • HiLiege

    Liège, the capital of pleasure
    Just an hour from Brussels by train, Belgium's third most populous city and most touristic city of Wallonia is perfect for a weekend getaway. As your train pulls into Liège, the first thing you'll notice is the hyper-avant-garde Calatrava train station Liège-Guillemins. There are plenty of buildings which have recently undergone extensive renovation such as the famous Opéra Royal de Wallonie, the Théâtre de Liège, the Grand Curtius boasting an awesome collection of artifacts, the splendid La Boverie museum of Art which acts in partnership with Paris’ Louvre, and the Musée de la Vie Wallonne, all showcases of Liège's cultural diversity. Other new emblematic buildings should also be mentioned: the Tour des Finances, La Mediacité designed by Ron Arad, the Design Station of Wallonia, the Passerelle “La Belle Liégeoise” and so forth. They show evidence of a dramatic urban renewal.

    Our suggestions for Liège

  • HiLouvain-la-Neuve

    Louvain-la-Neuve, the capital of novelties
    Located in the heart of Walloon Brabant, 30 minutes from Brussels, Ottignies-Louvain-la-Neuve is composed of two urban centres. Home to the Catholic University of Leuven, Ottignies district has extended its cultural and tourist treasures with the building of a new town: Louvain-la-Neuve. Harmoniously nestled in the landscape and a true university town, Louvain-la-Neuve was designed from the outset, on the model of medieval Italian towns and with the idea of making it accessible to all. The result is a pedestrian town centre on a human scale, combining all the facilities of a town with an unmatched friendliness and atmosphere. Louvain-la-Neuve is also full of tourist attractions such as the Hergé Museum and the Musée L (University museum – reopening in autumn 2017), works of art on every street corner, parks to stroll through, a 220-hectare wood with a nature reserve and lots of paths, restaurants and cafés.

    Our suggestions for Louvain-La-Neuve

  • HiMons

    Mons, the capital of culture
    The whole region has been revitalised with numerous cultural infrastructures thanks to Mons being awarded European Capital of Culture in 2015. This transformation has been most notable in Mons itself where the town has since opened no less than 5 museums… Culture is here! During the time that Mons was European Capital of Culture in 2015, 2.2 million people visited the city, so the town acquired an unprecedented cultural expertise, and welcomes you with open arms. From now on, the region of Mons offers a vast array of diverse activities for holidaymakers. Explore right now our world-class tourist attractions and museums or discover our cultural programme, which has a multitude of dance or theatre performances, and not to forget, plenty of concerts!

    Our suggestions for Mons

  • HiNamur

    Namur, the capital of Wallonia
    Namur, daughter of the water, is a city full of charm. Its part-pedestrian centre invites you to stroll amongst the shops or along the water's edge. But this city centre with its old quarters is above all places with undeniable character!

    Our suggestions for Namur

  • HiTournai

    Tournai, the capital of views
    With its 2000 years of history, Tournai is the oldest city in Belgium. Its two most impressive monuments? The belfry and the Cathedral, listed as UNESCO world heritage. But that's not all: the city is also full of many other architectural treasures that can be easily explored by foot: Romanesque, Gothic and Louis XIV houses, the Museum of fine arts in Art Nouveau style with its beautiful collection of Impressionist painters... Its major asset: conviviality linked to its human scale. You can quietly stroll on the renovated waterfront of the Scheldt, follow one of the circuits proposed by the Tourism Office, taste local specialities like real ales, Belgian fries, rabbit à la Tournaisienne, Clovis cake... and why not, party with the locals because there always is an occasion.

  • HiOstend

    Ostend, trendy seaside fun
    This ‘City by the Sea’, boasts over five-and-a-half miles of sandy beaches, perfect for sunbathing and a refreshing dip in the North Sea. After frolicking in the sun, take a walk down the promenade where you’ll find many fantastic shops, bars and restaurants. As a cosmopolitan city, you’ll find plenty to do across the harbour, yacht-basin, and at incredible year-round activities like the Christmas Market or the phenomenal Theatre by the Sea. One of Ostend's main, though perhaps lesser known, attractions is gastronomy. Where better place to sample the ocean’s delicacies than at the seaside? Choose from high-end restaurants to cosy bistros, but make sure to order specialities such as Dover Sole, shrimp croquettes and tomate crevette (tomatoes filled with shrimps).

    Our suggestions for Ostend


Experience Belgium.

Belgium? It's the entire world on just 31,000 km2. The sea and mountains (well, they are actually hills), exquisite gastronomy and fantastic fries, Congolese rhythms and Belgian dance music, medieval art and revolutionary architecture. And what is truly unique is that all these wonderful things are located less than an hour's travel of one another! Together with our partners we have selected a range of activities you can do while in Belgium, the admission fee’s are included in your Hi Belgium Pass.

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Rail Unlimited

Included in your Hi! Belgium Pass is a railway pass you can use to cross the country by train.
All Belgian cities are located within an hour of one another, so why not just check them all out?

  • Antwerp 40 minutes
  • Arlon 166 minutes
  • Bruges 65 minutes
  • Charleroi 57 minutes
  • Dinant 110 minutes
  • Eupen 105 minutes
  • Ghent 38 minutes
  • Hasselt 75 minutes
  • Liège 62 minutes
  • Leuven 15 minutes
  • Mechelen 30 minutes
  • Mons 55 minutes
  • Namur 65 minutes
  • Ostend 85 minutes
  • Tournai 70 minutes
  • Ypres 120 minutes

HighlightThe Flemish Masters Experience

Since the medieval period, Flanders has been an inspirational force for the Flemish Primitives, Renaissance and Baroque art. In the 15-17th centuries, our Flemish masters were the most influential artists on the planet: Jan van Eyck, Pieter Bruegel the Elder and Peter Paul Rubens. You can discover their legacy in the many prestigious museums in Flanders’ art cities. These might not be the only spots where you can witness their genius, but they are the perfect places to discover this vast legacy.

Antwerp, Bruges, Brussels, Ghent, Leuven and Mechelen are Flanders’ art cities. Here you’ll stumble upon immense treasures of arts and heritage. Antwerp, for instance, is the home of the grand master Peter Paul Rubens. The impressive Rubens House, where he used to live and work, is turned into a museum in his honour. The stately cathedral of Our Lady also holds some of his masterpieces, combined with works from top contemporary artists such as Jan Fabre.

Listed on UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Bruges has the best-preserved example of a medieval city centre, with its bell tower leaning over the wide-open market. In Ghent you’ll find three imposing towers in the heart of the city. One of those, St. Bavo’s Cathedral, is the home of ‘Adoration of the Mystic Lamb’, Flemish master Jan van Eyck’s most famous creation. Brussels, the capital of Europe, offers an overwhelming wealth of heritage, with over 80 museums, the King’s Palace and packed with history and culture.

  Mechelen and Leuven may be lesser known cities in Flanders but contain many stunning gems worth discovering. With the majestic St. Rumbold’s Cathedral as a highlight, picturesque Mechelen is one of the region's most underrated historic cities. St. Rumbold's Tower is a soaring 15th-century cathedral, 318 feet (97 metres) tall and more than 500 steps high. Leuven, one of Europe’s oldest university cities, will be a surprise as well. Centuries-old monuments such as the famous Gothic town hall go hand in hand with modern buildings to form a vibrant backdrop for the city life.

The case is clear: whichever city you travel to in Flanders, you’ll be welcomed with open arms and able to discover for yourself the treasures that make this region so unique.

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By bicycle, on foot, by kayak, on a barge, in your swimming costume, in a bathrobe, at the dining table, on a terrace or under an umbrella, there are numerous opportunities for waterthemed experiences and leisure activities in Wallonia. Looking for adventure? Travel along the banks of the River Meuse by bike, or walk the course of a refreshing mountain stream, take the plunge in a waterpark, go fishing, or explore the subterranean world of exceptional caves. Or are you tempted by a little relaxation or perhaps some new discovery? Travel through a lock on a boatlift, visit a dam in the depths of a lake, savour some 'escavèche' (marinated freshwater fish) on a waterside terrace, discover the fountains of the grandest gardens, or just relax in the bubbles of a whirlpool bath... Take advantage of a stay in holiday accommodation, beside a lake or at a wellness centre, to head out and discover our range of tourist activities on, in and beside water.


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