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    Flights to France

    France is one of the biggest countries in Europe and is known for its magnificent coastline, medieval settlements, the romantic city of Paris and its lovely scent of lavender. People who talk about France usually mean Paris, which is a magnificent city full of sights. However, France has more to offer. You can discover all of France's different regions, each with its own charms and attractions.

    • Ajaccio

      Ajaccio is an elegant and sophisticated Mediterranean city with real charm. Situated on the west coast of the French island of Corsica, in the Gulf of Ajaccio, the region has a favourable climate with mild winters and hot, dry summers.

      Discover Ajaccio >
    • Bastia

      Caught between the sea and the mountains, Bastia is a timeless city that offers many hidden places to explore.

      Discover Bastia >
    • Bordeaux

      Although mostly known for its excellent wines, the city of Bordeaux is definitely worth visiting even if you’re not a wine aficionado. Located on the banks of the Garonne River, Bordeaux is one of France’s most beautiful cities.

      Discover Bordeaux >
    • Calvi

      Calvi is a small town on the north-western coast of Corsica and the second most important tourist area on the island.

      Discover Calvi >
    • Figari

      Figari is a town in South Corsica, located near the ancient medieval fortified citadel of Bonifacio and the coastal town of Porto Vecchio, famous for its beautiful beaches and its intense nightlife.

      Discover Figari >
    • Lyon

      Lyon is a bustling French city with magnificent well-maintained squares and a large number of historic buildings from the 16th and 17th centuries.

      Discover Lyon >
    • Marseille

      Culture, history and tasty fish soup: Marseille can offer any tourist a pleasant stay in France’s most important port.

      Discover Marseille >
    • Nantes

      Let Nantes, a city in the running for Best European Destination 2016, surprise you with its excellent tourist attractions, as well as its energy and creativity. Divided by the river Loire, the city houses both historical as well as contemporary buildings.

      Discover Nantes >
    • Nice

      Nice is a scintillating city on the French coast with an Italian ambience and magnificent architecture.

      Discover Nice >
    • Paris

      World-famous museums, magnificent sights and delicious food: Paris certainly knows how to attract tourists.

      Discover Paris >
    • Strasbourg

      Like Brussels and Luxembourg, Strasbourg is mainly known as headquarters of the institutions European Union. But this French city has so much more to offer.

      Discover Strasbourg >
    • Toulouse

      Toulouse is almost entirely built with red brick, hence its nickname, “the pink city". The city has some magnificent sights, and is characterized by a scent of violets.

      Discover Toulouse >