All about checked baggage

Checked baggage is transported in the hold. You need to check it in at the airport and you will be able to collect your bag(s) at destination on the baggage belt.

Your checked baggage allowance depends on your travel class, your destination and your frequent flyer status. Check your baggage allowance here.

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Size and weight

Your checked baggage item must not exceed the following dimensions: 158 cm / 62.2 in (a + b + c), (including pockets, wheels and handles) and cannot weight more than 32kg.

Checked baggage size

While packing, remember that:

  • All checked baggage pieces must be properly packed in sufficiently rigid suitcases or similar containers to ensure safe carriage.
  • Every piece of baggage should not exceed the limit of 32kg. Baggage exceeding this limit of 32kg will not be accepted at check-in and will only be accepted as cargo. Please contact Brussels Airlines Cargo for more information.
  • Baggage dimensions exceeding 203cm (L+H+D) are subject to evaluation on acceptance.
  • Each passenger may check in a maximum of 5 pieces. All pieces exceeding this maximum amount must be sent via cargo.
  • Excess baggage of up to 100 kg / 220 lbs. per person can in principle be carried as checked baggage without prior consent of Brussels Airlines at the time of booking. Excess baggage over 100 kg / 220 lbs. per person can only be carried as checked baggage with prior consent of Brussels Airlines at the time of booking.

More information on our baggage weight and dimensions.


Flying on a partner airline?

Are you travelling on a flight operated by one of our codeshare partners? Then you may be subject to their baggage rules and regulations. Please check the baggage information on your ticket or the website of our partner airline for more information.

For tickets that include airlines other than Brussels Airlines, the Most Significant Carrier Rule applies.

What am I not allowed to pack in my checked baggage?

You are not allowed to take the following items in your checked luggage:

  • Fragile items, e.g. chinaware, glass, ceramics, pottery…
  • Valuable items, e.g. antiques, artefacts, jewellery, work of art…
  • Perishable items, such as certain food items (e.g. in case the import of such food is prohibited or restricted based on any applicable regulations, food that is not suitable for carriage because of its odour)
  • E-bikes and self-balancing devices (e.g. hoverboards, segways and airwheels) are not allowed on board. They can only be transported as cargo in accordance with the IATA Dangerous Good Regulations.
  • Electronic cigarettes: electronic smoking devices must be packed in your hand baggage. They are not allowed in your checked baggage. Although e-smokers are allowed on board, the use of any smoking device is still prohibited at all times.

More information about the transport of electronic devices (e.g. smartphones, laptops) and lithium batteries.

Brussels Airlines may refuse to carry checked baggage, which is:

  • Likely to endanger the aircraft, people or property
  • Likely to be damaged by air carriage
  • Unsuitably packed
  • Forbidden by any applicable law, regulation or order of any State to be carried from, into or over its airspace.
  • Unsuitable for air carriage due to its weight, size or nature

You would like to transport something but are not sure whether you are allowed? Check our dangerous goods pages or contact us via Service Centre, Facebook or Twitter.