Baby equipment

Baby baskets

As infants normally do not occupy a seat, Brussels Airlines provides customers with the facility to use a baby basket on certain intercontinental flights. Please note that the seats in front of the baby baskets are only bookable against a fee. The baskets are equipped with linen, pillow and a blanket.


  • 70 cm/27.5 inches long
  • 30 cm/11 inches wide

Baskets are made for babies of up to approximately 6-8 months. The maximum weight of the baby should be 10 kg, basket excluded. For security reasons, the maximum permissible weight for baby baskets including the baby is limited to 15 kg. Please note that babies are not allowed to be kept in the basket during turbulence. Baskets must be stowed away during take-off and landing.

Please contact our Service Centre to request a basket.

Please note that the number of baskets on board is limited.


The transportation of folding buggies and pushchairs is free. All baby strollers, including all types of collapsible strollers, must be labelled at check-in. They may be used up to the aircraft entrance, but will be folded and stored in the hold during the flight. Upon arrival, the strollers will be delivered to you at the aircraft door.*

* Except in Alicante, Almería, Berlin, Catania, Copenhagen, London Heathrow, Manchester, Marseille, Naples, Nice, Olbia, Palermo, Rome and Toulouse.

Child restraint devices (car seats, maxi cosi)

If you have booked a seat for your child, you can bring your own device on board. When bringing your own car seat or child restraint device on board, please ensure that:

  • you are using an approved car seat / child restraint device (see below)
  • you pass by our check-in desks to receive the approval
  • the device is in perfect working order
  • you are familiar with using the device in an aircraft
  • you will attach the device to the seat
  • you agree to check-in the car seat or child restraint device as checked baggage if it doesn't appear in the list of approved devices below, if it's not in an acceptable working order or cannot be attached to the passenger seat

Please contact our Service Centre for more information about booking a seat for your child or to make sure that your car seat or maxi cosi will be accepted on board.

Car seats and Maxi Cosi are accepted on board of Brussels Airlines flights if they have the following labels:

  • CRDs approved for use in aircraft by the competent authority on the basis of a technical standard and marked accordingly.
  • CRDs approved for use in motor vehicles according to the UN Standard ECE R 44, -03 or later series of amendments
  • CRDs approved for use in motor vehicles and aircraft according to Canadian CMVSS 213/213.1
  • CRDs approved for use in motor vehicles and aircraft according FMVSS No 213 and manufactured to these standards on or after February 26, 1985. US approved CRDs manufactured after this date must bear the following in red letters:
  • CRDs qualified for use in aircraft according to the German ‘Qualification Procedure for Child Restraint Systems for Use In Aircraft’ (TÜV Doc.: TÜV/958-01/2001)
  • Devices approved for use in cars, manufactured and tested to standards equivalent to those listed above. The device should be marked with an associated qualification sign, which shows the name of the qualification organization and a specific identification number, related to the associated qualification project. The qualifying organization should be a competent and independent organization that is acceptable to the competent authority.

Other types of CRDs which are accepted:

  • Upper Torso Restraint Devices of the make CARES kids fly safe (Weight limitation: 10-20kg (22-44lbs); Height limitation: maximum 1m (40 inches)
  • Travel Chair - CRD for Disabled Children (Maximum 35kg (77lbs)

Any other model requires approval from the airline.

Please note that a child in a restrain device shall never be located at emergency/exit row or immediately forward or after the emergency-exit row. In any case, children under the age of 12 are not allowed to seat at the emergency/exit row. Car seats are allowed for take-off, landing and during turbulence.