Flights to Cape Verde

The archipelago of Cape Verde, situated in the Atlantic Ocean, around 500 kilometres off the coast of Senegal, is made up of 10 isles and several islets. Sal, Boa Vista, S. Nicolau, São Vicente…. Whichever island you decide to visit, your stay in Cape Verde will be filled with beautiful beaches and pleasant temperatures all year round. So why not go ahead and book your holiday in Cape Verde today. We offer flights to Sal and Boa Vista, a great starting point to discover all of Cape Verde.

  • Sal

    The Island of Sal is a place not to be missed during your stay in Cape Verde. You will have an opportunity to discover the magnificent, unspoilt landscapes. If you need to relax, don’t worry... Kilometres of beaches await you, including the famous Santa Maria Beach with its 8 kilometres of white sand!

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