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    The Kremlin & Saint Basil’s Cathedral

    The Kremlin & Saint Basil’s Cathedral

    Red Square is Moscow’s geographical, cultural and historical centre. This majestic square is home to some of Russia’s most iconic landmarks including the Kremlin and Saint Basil’s Cathedral.

    The palace of the people

    The palace of the people

    Moscow’s metro is one of the world’s busiest and most beautiful railway systems. The first metro stations were built during Stalin’s rule: he ordered that they become ‘palaces of the people’. The result? Many stations are glorious examples of socialist realism.

    Moscow, a modern city

    Moscow, a modern city

    Russia’s capital has a formidable and influential past. Change and revolution have always been part of its history, hence the rapid changes to Moscow’s contemporary skyline.

    Moscow Matryoshka dolls

    Flights to Moscow

    Moscow is the western eye of Russia’s vast and ancient nation. Named after the powerful Moskva river, which runs through its heart, Moscow is the coldest and most northern megacity, in the world. However, the culture and people of the region are anything but frozen in time. From the gregarious bar scene to the humungous Red Square, Moscovites have launched themselves into the 21st century. Showcased tremendously at the 2018 FIFA World Cup, the city’s passion for sport and its openness are ever-present. The newness of this place can be seen everywhere, while its ancient depth is just waiting to be discovered. The white nights are waiting, so book your flights to Russia’s capital now.

    What to do in Moscow?

    1. The Red Square is the heart of the city, and the best place to start your city break. Enclosed on all sides by the city’s most famous landmarks, the square gets its name from the Russian word krasnaya, which means both “red” and “beautiful”. It is the perfect place to begin any Moscow adventure.
    2. Get your perfect Russian picture taken at St. Basil’s Cathedral (Cathedral of Vasily the Blessed). Think of Russian architecture and you think of the fanciful, colourful domes of St. Basil’s Cathedral. Actually, a collection of ten different church buildings was commissioned in the 16th century by Ivan the Terrible. Legend has it that Ivan found the work so beautiful that he had the architect’s eyes removed so they could never again produce anything comparable.
    3. Moscow Kremlin
    4. The seat of power for all of Russia is the Kremlin. A haunting place, surrounded by the memories of Stalin, Lenin, and other Russian leaders, the complex is made up of six buildings. The beautiful golden domes of the adjacent Dormition Cathedral are a must-see. Almost all are visitor accessible with one ticket, though some (the Armoury, the Diamond Fund Exhibition, and the Ivan the Great Bell Tower) are priced separately.
    5. In the Armoury you will find the famed Fabergé eggs, as well as other fabulous bejewelled objects, including the Imperial Crown and the Orlov Diamond.
    6. One of the most popular things to do in Moscow is to visit the Moscow State Circus. The show, which garnered international fame with its tours of the USA, has been a long-standing point of pride in the city. The most popular is the more traditional circus on Tsvetnoy Boulevard that features the controversial animal acts. Meanwhile, the more modern Bolshoi Circus features the high wire, trapeze and acrobatics.
    7. The Bolshoi Theatre is home to some of the most stupendous music and ballet in the world.
    8. Housed over three buildings, the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts offers an impressively diverse collection of foreign art.

    Practical information for your trip to Moscow

    • Flights arrive at Moscow Sheremetyevo International Airport (SVO). Located northwest of the city, the airport has good links into the city with taxi, bus and train options.
      • Aeroexpress: high-speed trains head to the Belorussky train station every 20-30 minutes, the ride takes 30-40 minutes. The station is inside the airport building. Tickets can be bought in advance via the website, or the app.
      • Public buses or shuttle buses connect the airport to the following metro stations: Rechnoy vokzal, Planernaya and Leninsky prospekt. This is definitely the cheapest option.
      • Taxi: you can order an official taxi from the information desks located in the terminals.
      • Uber is also available in Moscow
    • Current local time in Moscow:  
    • Currency: The currency of Russia is the rouble (or ruble).
    • Country Dialling Code: +7.
    • Electrical Sockets: Moscow uses the standard European two-pronged socket.
    • Travel information: When visiting, make sure you have a valid passport. Depending on your nationality, you may require a visa and additional travel documents to visit Russia. For all information on visas and travel documents, visit
    • Vaccinations: No vaccinations are required when travelling to Russia. For more health information, visit

    Do’s and don’ts in Moscow.

    • Moscow Red SquareIf travelling with a disability, do make sure you check accessibility before arriving at any of the tourist attractions. While most of the major destinations are both wheelchair and disability friendly, some require advanced notice. Roads, restaurants and the Moscow Metro can also be a challenge, particularly during peak periods. Make sure you check your map before taking trips.
    • Russia has a large religious community. Almost all of its best sites have their roots in religion. When entering churches, monasteries and cathedrals, be respectful of dress codes. Women are expected to cover their bare shoulders and heads, while men should remove hats and should not wear shorts.
    • It is also a very superstitious place; shaking hands in the doorway is considered bad luck. Guests should also always bring a gift, so do bring one when visiting someone’s home.

    Local phrases & essential vocabulary

    Russian is a challenging language for English speakers.

    • Dobraye ootro, dobriy den', and dobriy vyecher; good morning, good afternoon, and good evening (pronounced : Dob-ray ooh-t-row, dob-ray den, and dob-ray vee-chair) are the easiest greetings to remember.
    • Preevyet is a simple way of saying hello.
    • Spaseeba (spa-see-ba) means “thank you”, while prasteete (pras-tee-te) means “excuse me”.
    • Most importantly of all, is how to say “cheers”, as toasts of vodka are frequent during meals. Na Zdorovie (nas-tro-ve-ay) is roughly translated as “to health”. The more modern Nostrovia, meaning “let’s drink”, is a slang term and the most common phrase for foreigners to know.

    Cultural events in Russia

    • March/ April – Golden Mask Awards. An all-inclusive dance, drama, and music award show that, since 1993, has awarded the best and brightest creative talent in Russia.
    • 9 May – Victory Day. Celebrate the anniversary of the end of World War II with parades and fireworks.
    • June – Taste of Moscow. All of Moscow’s restaurants open their doors for tasting sessions and cooking classes.
    • Early November - Day of Accord and Reconciliation. To celebrate the 1917-1918 Russian Revolution, there is a big parade in Red Square and plenty of other events, usually around the Kremlin.
    • Mid-December to mid-January - Russian Winter Festival. For years, Christmas was banned in Russia. Since it was reintroduced, celebrations have been monumental. Ice skating, light displays, and markets sprout up all over the city.

    When to go to Moscow?

    The weather in Moscow fluctuates dramatically throughout the seasons. In the depths of winter, the temperature can reach as low as -10 degrees Celsius, while in summer temperatures of +30 degrees are common. The weather in Moscow in June can be particularly humid. Being a northerly city, the winter nights can also be incredibly long. This makes late spring and early autumn the ideal times to go, though long summer days may be a bonus.

    What to eat in Moscow?

    Russia is known for its heartier meals. Most menus will include thick soups, alongside heavy meat courses and root vegetables. Moscow has also embraced foreign influences, and there is an array of diverse cuisines to be found.

    Moscow treats you must try:

    • Blini – Crepes that come with an assortment of toppings.
    • Caviar – Sturgeon roe, a Russian speciality.
    • Pierogi – Dumplings filled with meat or mushrooms, which make excellent small snacks.
    • Beef Stroganoff – sautéed beef with mushrooms and paprika

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