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    Fly to Lomé, Togo

    Colourful markets.

    From beautiful batik cloth to handmade souvenirs, find your souvenirs in Lomé’s Village Artisanal.

    Culture in Togo

    A true melting pot of culture.

    With 7 million inhabitants from over than 40 cultures, Togo is a real mix of religions, cultures, and customs.

    Flights to Lomé, Togo

    Togo is a long stretch of land located in West Africa. It borders in the north with Burkina Faso and stretches all the way to its own piece of coastline on the Atlantic Ocean. This means that Togo has quite a diverse landscape - from pale yellow-green savannah, to rolling forested hills, and beaches with palm trees. If you’ve travelled to Africa before and are looking for something a bit off the beaten path, then you should consider a visit to Togo.

    Lomé, the capital of Togo, is located in the south of the country, on its coastline. It’s known for its grand boulevards and squares, its green gardens, and its colourful houses. Due to its proximity to the ocean, Lomé’s port is an important economic centre for Togo, particularly for coffee, cocoa, coconut, and palm oil exports.

    So what are you waiting for? Book your flight ticket to Lomé today and discover Togo with Brussels Airlines!

    Things to do in Lomé, Togo

    1. National Museum in Lomé: Discover Togolese history, traditional objects, pottery, and wooden sculptures.
    2. Le Marché des féticheurs (Voodoo market) in Lomé: Voodoo was born in Togo and Benin. Despite what horror movies would have you believe, voodoo is more than scary curses and voodoo dolls. It’s an ancient animist religion with over 40 fetiches or gods, who each select their feticheur or voodoo priest to perform rituals. The market is both grim and fascinating, with many voodoo objects for sale, such as animal bones, potion ingredients, and more. You can visit it on your own, though you may want to hire a guide to explain more about this fascinating religion.
    3. Village artisanal in Lomé: The best place for souvenirs! Buy handmade goods from local craftsmen such as pottery, batik cloth, wooden carved objects, and much more.
    4. Togoville: A small town on the northern shore of Lake Togo, known as the historic centre of voodoo and animist culture. Many slaves were sent from here to Haiti, which is why many Haitians also practice voodoo.
    5. Fazao Malfakassa National Park: The largest of Togo’s three national parks. It’s located in the centre of Togo and stretches all the way to the border with Ghana. The park combines the Fazao forest and the Malfakassa forest. The latter consists of savannah woodland and mountains, while the former is more of a lush green forest. More than 244 bird species and several antelope species can be found in the park.
    6. Tamberma valley: This UNESCO world heritage site is inhabited by the Temberma tribe. Their villages look like peculiar castles consisting of a series of towers which are arranged in a circle and connected together by a thick wall.

    Practical information and travel advice for your trip to Lomé, Togo

    • Brussels Airlines flights arrive and depart from Gnassingbé Eyadéma International Airport, which is located 6 km from the city centre. Brussels Airlines flies to Lomé via Accra four times a week.
    • Current local time in Lomé:  
    • Currency: The currency in Togo is the West-African CFA franc. ATMs (Visa only) are available in Lomé and large cities. Most bank branches will allow cash withdrawals with a Visa card. With the exception of large hotels, which may accept Visa credit cards, but no others, most venues do not accept credit cards.
    • Telephone calls and Wi-Fi: The dialling code for Togo is +228. The mobile network is good in urban areas, but less so in rural areas. Internet access is widely available in internet cafés.
    • Electric sockets: These have a standard voltage of 220 V and are type C (European plug). If you use British or American plugs, you’ll need an adaptor.
    • Travel information: A visa is required for entry into the country, with the exception of citizens of the Economic Community of West African States who only require a valid passport. A visa can be obtained on arrival, but it must be noted that this visa is only valid for 7 days. It can be extended up to 1 month at the visa office in Lomé. If requested in advance, you can choose between a 30 and 90-day visa. For more information, visit:
    • Vaccination: Yellow fever vaccination is required, so don’t forget to bring proof of vaccination with you. The following vaccinations are also recommended: Diphtheria, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis A, Tetanus, and Typhoid. It is also advisable to protect yourself from mosquitos, as malaria is present in Togo. For more health information, visit

    What to do and what not to do in Lomé, Togo

    • Taxis are readily available in Lomé and other cities. Shared taxis are also available for transportation between cities.
    • Do not photograph the police or the military, any of their facilities or events (such as the flag ceremony), or border areas and museums.
    • Do not photograph anyone without their permission. It’s best to ask or wait until they offer to have their picture taken.

    Cultural events in Lomé

    • Voodoo festival Epe-Ekpe in Glidji (second week of September): locals come together to parade and dance down the streets. Many rituals take place during the festival. In the Kabye region, the traditional festivals are particularly lively.

    When to travel to Lomé, Togo

    The climate in Togo differs depending on the region. The north of Togo has two seasons: a dry season from November to March and a rainy season from March/April to October. The south has 4 seasons: a long dry season from December to March, a long rainy season from March/April to June, a short dry season from July to August, and a short rainy season from mid-September to the end of October.

    February and March are the best months to visit Togo.

    What to eat in Lomé, Togo

    Togolese cuisine is quite diverse, but cornmeal (maize) remains a staple in a large majority of dishes.
    Some must try specialities are:

    • Tchoukoutou: a beer of fermented millet, which is drunk from a calabash.
    • Akoumé: a porridge made from maize flour, a staple in Togolese cuisine. Usually accompanied by a variety of sauces.
    • Fufu: a dough made from yam, cassava, or plantain, eaten with clear sauce, fish, beef, or chicken.
    • Gboma Dessi: mutton and dried fish, mixed with spinach, crab, and shrimp.
    • Ablo: a steamed corn cake that is a specialty of the Aného region, on the border of Benin.
    • Wagashi cheese: a Fulani specialty that’s particularly popular in the region around Sokodé, Kara, and Ketao.
    • Klako: plantain fritters coated in corn flour.

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