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Meet Bruegel

An ode to one of the most talented artists of the sixteenth century. Known for his folk tableaux and scenes from rural life, Flemish Master Pieter Bruegel the Elder allowed his imagination to work like no other, painting classical themes in a very quirky and humorous way.
Moved and touched by the tough life in the countryside, he captured the life of the common man in a masterly fashion.

And most importantly, he has given Belgium a very rich art history to be proud of.
This is why we have created Bruegel as part of our aircraft series in honour of Belgian icons. Because this is what Pieter Bruegel The Elder is.

A Belgian icon

  • 19 painting days
  • 508 litres of primer & paint
  • 140 litres of clear coat
  • 30 colours
  • 1,615 man-hours

Tech Specs

  • Aircraft type: A320-200
  • Wingspan: 34.1m
  • Height: 11.8m
  • Length: 37.6m
  • Range: 6,100km
  • Registration: OO-SNE
  • Seats: 180
  • Cruising speed: 840 km/h
  • Max. load: 16.6 tonnes
  • Next paint-job: 2024
Aircraft A320Aircraft A320
Aircraft A320Aircraft A320

Follow Bruegel

Wonder where Bruegel is flying at the moment? Have a look below. The schedule listed is the most recent one, but please keep in mind that it can change last minute, and without notice.





Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why did we chose Bruegel?

    On the 450th anniversary of his death, Brussels Airlines and Visit Flanders wanted to pay tribute to the iconic Flemish Master Pieter Bruegel the Elder. With the collaboration of BOZAR and two Belgian contemporary artists, this livery came to life as a real piece of Belgian art! Bruegel often depicted Belgian landscapes and everyday life scenes. By featuring his art on one of our aircraft, we truly are bringing the best of Belgium to Europe and the Middle East.

  • Which artworks of Bruegel were used to create this livery?

    • Netherlandish Proverbs
    • The Fight between Carnival and Lent
    • Children's Games
    • Two Monkeys
    • Landscape with the Flight into Egypt
    • The Hunters in the Snow
    • The Harvesters
    • Massacre of the Innocents
    • The Land of Cockaigne
    • Conversion of Paul

  • Who designed Bruegel's livery?

    Bruegel’s design was imagined by artist duo Jos De Gruyter and Harald Thys, who have sourced elements from several emblematic Pieter Bruegel the Elder paintings to create a new composition and reality. Although 450 years separate them, the artists share similarities in the way they observe the real world, its places, people, landscapes and habits.

  • What is the registration number of Bruegel?

    That is OO-SNE, or as we refer to her in aviation terms: "Sierra-November-Echo".

  • Where will Bruegel fly?

    Bruegel will be deployed on our European and Middle Eastern routes, also known as our short-haul network. You can find the aircraft’s schedule for the following three days above. The schedule listed is the most up-to-date, but please bear in mind that it can change at the last minute, and without prior notice.

  • For how long will OO-SNE carry the Bruegel livery?

    The livery will stay until 2024 when OO-SNE’s next paint job is due.



We know you love our newest addition to our Belgian Icons series! That is why we have prepared some nice wallpapers for you, free to download and to be used on the lock screen of your smartphone, as background on your tablet or as a screensaver for your computer. Enjoy!

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