Meet Magritte

Meet Magritte


"Ceci n’est pas un avion." It is a lot more than just an aircraft. It is a dedication to one of the greatest Belgian artists, René Magritte. A Belgian icon with the gift to look at things like no one else could and who revealed the world to us from a different angle. This is why we have created Magritte, an Airbus A320 in honour of the painter.

Covered with the famous clouds and birds taken from three of René Magritte’s paintings, this surrealistic aircraft will paint the European skies for 6 years to come.

René Magritte was a Belgian surrealist artist who had the rare gift to look at things in a very unique way. His works are praised all over the world today, and can be described as illusions and dreams roaming freely where the notion of “time” is absent. This is similar to what we experience when we are up in the sky.

Magritte, the second Brussels Airlines A320 in a series of aircrafts dedicated to Belgian icons, was welcomed on 21 March 2016 (Watch here the video of the reveal). It was made possible thanks to a collaboration between the airline and the Magritte Foundation.

Indeed, if René Magritte were to have seen this plane, he would probably have said "This is not an airplane - this is only the image of an airplane." Now it’s up to you to discover his world on board our Magritte aircraft…

Questions about Magritte

Why did you choose René Magritte?

René Magritte simply could not have been overlooked in our series on Belgian icons. The Belgian surrealist left a great mark on the entire cultural world and he had a strong bond with the sky and the world of aviation. He often described ordinary objects and presented his perceptions of reality in a very unique way. According to him, illusions and dreams roam freely and time does not exist. As these views are quite similar to when one is flying up in the sky and observing the world from above, Brussels Airlines decided to honour his work with a plane fully dedicated to René Magritte.

Which artworks of René Magritte were used to create this livery?

Three of René Magritte’s world-famous paintings have been incorporated in the livery:
- La Belle Société (1965-66)
- La Clairvoyance (1936)
- Le Retour (1940)

How did Magritte come to life?

What's the registration number of Magritte?

It is OO-SNC (or as we refer to her when we speak to colleagues, "Sierra-November-Charlie")

Where will Magritte be next?

You can find the aircraft’s schedule for the following three days below.The schedule listed is the most up-to-date, but please bear in mind that it can change at the last minute, and without prior notice.

How long will OO-SNC carry the Magritte livery?

The livery will stay until 2022.

Will there be more Brussels Airlines aircraft with a René Magritte-inspired livery?

Who knows? There are so many other paintings from René Magritte that we can choose from… Keep an eye on us!

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The schedule listed is the most current, but please keep in mind that it can change last minute, and without notice.





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