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    About Kiev

    Kiev has a fascinating history and a high level of cultural life. For the past few years, it has also offered an exciting nightlife, with numerous theatres, cafés, restaurants and nightclubs.

    Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, has had an eventful past. It has been occupied by Poles, Russians and other nationalities. These occupations have, of course, left their mark on the architecture and culture of the city. Kiev’s most beautiful historic building is St. Sophia Cathedral, an eleventh-century building with magnificent mosaics and frescos.

    Other tourist attractions include the Chernobyl Museum, which contains information about the nuclear disaster, and the Caves Monastery with the Dormition Cathedral and the Historical Treasures Museum. The centre of Kiev offers a large number of shopping options. Vullitsya Kreschchatyk, a shopping street, and Bessarabsky Market are certainly worth a visit.