Give a suggestion

We would love to hear how we can serve you even better in the future. Your feedback is most valuable to help us see our products and services through our customers’ eyes and better understand your needs and expectations. We are happy to listen to your suggestions to find out how we can further improve our services and make your travel experience as personal and enjoyable as possible.

Suggestions we have turned into reality…

Our guests regularly submit suggestions to us and we are happy to take them into account. Here are some examples of how feedback from our guests helped us improve our service.

I like travelling with Brussels Airlines, but the prices are higher than low cost carriers. Although I prefer the Brussels Airlines service level, I cannot travel with you as often as I would like to. Can you not offer certain tickets for lower prices?

Young leisure traveller

In September 2014 we launched our new European travel options, including a seat-only return ticket as of only 69€: Check&Go. This means that each of our flights now has a number of low priced seats available, making Brussels Airlines a no-compromise airline: we offer you excellent service for an affordable price.

We like to go on holiday to a sunny destination with our children, but taking them through an airport and on board a flight is such a hassle. Sometimes it is difficult to make sure we are all sitting together and the kids get bored on board. There are so many things to take care of! Can you not make flying more fun for them and more relaxed for us?

Mother of two

To address the specific needs of families with young children, we have developed our packages, a bundle of services to make life easier for parents travelling with their youngsters: discount on tickets for children, automated check-in, priority boarding, sitting together guaranteed, special kids meals, a small toy on board and more… At Brussels Airlines, we take care of your family!

I travel for work all the time and would like to be able to spend my airport time productively, so when I finally get home, I can focus on my family. Your lounges are nice, but could you not foresee some space specifically for working?

Weekly business traveller

In October 2014 we opened our new flagship lounge at Brussels Airport: The Loft. We have created exclusive and inspiring spaces amongst which a business center style area for being productive and a lounge area for relaxing. Moreover, you can take a rest in one of our “napboxes” or use the bathrooms to take a shower.