Belgian Star Chefs

As a Belgian ambassador, Brussels Airlines is pleased to offer you a taste of Belgium’s internationally acclaimed cuisine in Business Class. A host of Michelin-starred Belgian chefs will create special dishes using local regional produce to be served on board our long haul flights out of Brussels.

Thierry Theys

Thierry Theys (Nuance)

In 2019 we indulge our Business Class passengers on their way to North America and sub-Saharan Africa with the culinary creations of Michelin Star Chef Thierry Theys.
Together with his wife Sofie Willemarck, Chef Theys opened the restaurant Nuance in 2008, located in Duffel (Antwerp). Serving a menu built upon French haute cuisine given a finer, lighter and more elegant touch, Nuance has since gone straight to the culinary top, winning multiple awards and holding two Michelin stars.
Chef Theys has designed our exclusive menu using Belgian seasonal products supplemented by a touch of international ingredients, combining intriguing and complex flavours perfectly to present you with delectable options.

Previous Belgian Star Chefs

  • Stéphanie Thunus

    Stéphanie Thunus

    Au Gré du Vent

    Rue de Soudromont 55,
    7180 Seneffe

  • Bert Meewis

    Bert Meewis


    Molenweg 177,
    3660 Opglabbeek

  • Yves Mattagne

    Yves Mattagne

    Sea Grill

    Rue du Fossé aux Loups 47,
    1000 Bruxelles

  • Dimitri Marit

    Dimitri Marit

    Maison Marit

    Chaussée de Nivelles 336,
    1420 Braine-l'Alleud

  • Peter Goossens

    Peter Goossens

    Hof van Cleve

    Riemegemstraat 1,
    9770 Kruishoutem

  • Pierre Résimont

    Pierre Résimont

    L'eau Vive

    Route de Floreffe 37,
    5170 Profondeville

  • Eric Pankert

    Eric Pankert

    Zur Post

    Hauptstraße 39,
    4780 St. Vith

  • Thomas Locus

    Thomas Locus

    Bistro Margaux

    Dorpsplein 3,
    1700 St Martens Bodegem

  • Julien Lahire

    Julien Lahire

    Moulin Hideux

    Moulin Hideux,
    6831 Bouillon

  • Geert Van Hecke

    Geert Van Hecke

    De Karmeliet

    Langestraat 19,
    8000 Brugge