Brussels Airlines sees it as its responsibility to operate in a sustainable manner. As we are the Africa specialist, we come into contact with less fortunate people and communities in Africa. Therefore, we have set up the b.foundation for Africa, that wants to create value for the local African society, more in particular the structural improvement of health care.

To this end, the b.foundation for Africa partnered up with a number of Belgian NGOs and organisations: Aviation Without Borders, Centre for Children in Vulnerable Situations, Chain of Hope, EFFA, INCTR, Maggie program, Medics Without Vacation, Memisa, Plan Belgium and Praesens Foundation. Also the US charity Mercyships and the UK BBC Media Action are amongst its partners.

On top of this, Brussels Airlines supports the many charity projects and initiatives of its staff. All passengers flying long-haul are also invited to contribute to our b.foundation by putting their small change in the designated donation envelopes. With these revenues we are able to support a social project in Africa.


Find out more about b.foundation on www.bfoundationforafrica.com or on the b.foundation facebook page