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      About Toronto

      The capital of Ontario, Toronto is the fifth biggest city in North America, and the largest as well as liveliest city in Canada. Home to a successful mix of tourist attractions, outstanding museums and theatres, and an amazing musical scene, as well as offering a host of possibilities for outdoor activities, Toronto is a cosmopolitan and ever-evolving city that will certainly lift your mood.

      Toronto’s most famous landmark, the CN Tower, is not only an architectural wonder that’s 533 metres tall, it’s also an award-winning dining and entertainment attraction. For the ultimate experience, you can take part in the Edge Walk, a hands-free walk on a 1.5-metre wide ledge at an elevation of 356 metres. However, if you prefer to enjoy the view without the thrills, then head to the 360 Restaurant or the Horizon Restaurant.

      Art lovers will enjoy a visit to the Royal Ontario Museum and the Art Gallery of Ontario, while sports enthusiasts must visit the Rogers Centre, a multi-purpose domed sports arena, and the Hockey Hall of Fame, where you will be able to touch and even kiss the prestigious Stanley Cup. Be sure to visit the Casa Loma, an eclectic building reminiscent of a medieval castle, constructed for a Canadian multi-millionaire, with about 100 rooms, 36 bathrooms and several secret passages.

      If you feel an irresistible urge to shop, then head to the St. Lawrence Market, one of the world’s most famous food markets where local farmers have been selling their products for 200 years. Alternatively, visit the Eaton Center, a huge, ultra-modern shopping centre, which has been constantly expanding since it was built in 1869. In addition to the city centre, be sure to visit Toronto’s Broadway, also known as the Entertainment District. It is particularly lively in the evenings and you can enjoy major theatre productions as well as amazing musical venues. Plan a visit to the Distillery District, a historic neighbourhood that has been given a second life thanks to hot designer boutiques, cafes, art galleries and performance venues. It’s definitely the place to be in Toronto.

      Toronto also offers tons of fun activities for children of all ages. From a stroll through High Park, a 165-acre public space, to a visit to the Toronto Zoo with over 5,000 animals, from the Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada to the Ontario Science Centre, your kids will love their trip to Toronto. And if all that is still not enough, there’s Centreville Amusement Park on Centre Island as well as Canada’s Wonderland, the largest amusement park in Canada, just outside the city.

      Around Toronto

      Just a short ferry trip away lie the Toronto islands, a chain of small islands where you can take part in a large variety of outdoor activities, like rowing, sailing, swimming and many more. One hour north of Toronto is Ontario’s Lake Country, another popular tourist attraction with its picturesque landscapes and huge array of activities, especially water sports activities.

      No trip to Toronto will be complete without a tour of the Niagara Falls. There are daily bus tours departing from Toronto to this world-famous natural wonder. In summer, the Niagara Falls is illuminated in the evenings, giving life to an incredible show of colours. And in the winter, the falls are frozen into incredible ice-structures. The Niagara Falls is worth a visit in every season!

      Toronto and its surrounding region is also an ultimate destination for golf players. From the ultra-private St. Georges course to the legendary Glen Abbey to high-end public courses, golf enthusiasts are guaranteed a course that challenges them.

      eTA (Electronic Travel Authorization)

      As from 15 March 2016 visa-exempt foreign nationals who fly to or transit through Canada will need an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA). Exceptions include U.S. citizens and travellers with a valid visa. If you are planning to transit in Canada or intend to stopover on the way to your destination, you will still need to apply for an eTA.

      Please note that if you transit through or stopover in Canada to travel to the US (or viceversa), you will need both an eTA and an ESTA (Electronic System for Travel authorization for the US).

      Please note that all passengers travelling to Canada and connecting onto a domestic flight need to clear their baggage through customs at the first airport of entry in Canada and hand it over to the transfer desk. This requirement is mandatory, even if the baggage has been tagged with its final destination in Canada.