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    Jaffa: where Tel Aviv was born

    Jaffa: where Tel Aviv was born

    The ancient port city from which Tel Aviv has grown is better known as Jaffa. Today, its narrow streets and ancient buildings are worlds away from modern Tel Aviv.

    Along the seaside promenade

    Along the seaside promenade

    Considered to be one of the world’s most beautiful promenades, Tel Aviv’s boardwalk is a feast of colours, sights and smells.

    Tel Aviv beach

    Flights to Tel Aviv

    Tel Aviv, known as the Hill of Spring, is a city of hope and renewal nestled in the southeast of the Mediterranean Sea. In the summer, you will find Tel Aviv’s locals lazing on a long, golden beach or playing paddleball in the sea. In the evenings, the city is bristling as the various sectors’ bars and restaurants come alive with smells of traditional Mediterranean cooking. And in winter? Well, this is the Mediterranean, after all. Why not be at the beach soaking up the sun anyway?

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    What to do in Tel Aviv?

    1. Following the Second World War, many Jewish architects arrived in Tel Aviv, bringing Bauhaus architecture with them. They built the White City, a UNESCO world heritage site whose collection of over 4000 buildings is the finest example of Bauhaus architecture in the world. Tours of the neighbourhood happen frequently and offer a fascinating walk through the history of this country.
    2. Gordon Beach is one of many beaches along the 14 km (9 miles) stretch of sand, and is probably the one most popular with tourists. But from the Reef Beach in the North to the Jaffa Beach in the south, all 16 beaches come fully equipped with changing facilities, outdoor gyms and great access to ice cream and drinks. They all have their own vibe, and it is up to individuals to discover their own favourite.
    3. The Carmel Market is Tel Aviv’s biggest and best. Loud vendors can be heard hawking their wares to passers-by, while locals get on with their regular shopping. Everything from suits to sundried tomatoes can be found here.
    4. Tel Aviv downtown
    5. Meanwhile, the Jaffa neighbourhood boasts its own flea market full of small bars and stalls selling all kinds of trinkets.
    6. The Tel Aviv Museum of Art is housed in a grey, chunky stone building, which belies the beauty housed within. The museum hosts rotating collections, as well as plenty of activities for children. Its in-house collection of expressionist paintings, featuring Kandinsky, Van Gogh and Pollock, is also fabulous.
    7. Neve Tzedek is one of the more stylish neighbourhoods, and a great place to spend an afternoon walking.
    8. Further afield, day trips to both Masada, an ancient fortification situated atop a vast rock plateau, and to the infamous Dead Sea, are popular. There are also plenty of options for pilgrimages to Jerusalem.

    Practical information for your trip to Tel Aviv

    • Brussels Airlines flights arrive at the Ben Gurion Aiport (TLV). Driving from the airport into the centre of Tel Aviv takes about half an hour by car. Taxis run from licenced ranks located at gate 3 and on level 2 at the gate 21 exit. There are reduced rates for taxis on level 2 to some specific destinations. Travellers are advised to check their details before taking a taxi. The Israel Railways offer a train that connects to all the other major lines; a single ticket costs 13.50NIS.
    • Current local time in Tel Aviv:  
    • Currency: The currency of Israel is the New Israeli Shekel, which replaced the old Israeli Shekel in 1985.
    • Country Dialling Code: +972.
    • Electrical Sockets: Two types of socket are used in Tel Aviv; the type H four-pronged socket is just as common as the two-pronged European-style socket. Adapters can be found in most tourist hotspots, as well as at most hotels.
    • Travel information: Citizens of the European Union, the USA and Canada do not need a visa for a trip to Israel. You do need a passport that is valid for at least 6 months after your trip. For all information on visas and travel documents, visit the website
    • Vaccinations: There are no mandatory vaccinations for European travellers. For more health information, visit the website

    The Do’s and don’ts in Tel Aviv

    • Tel Aviv Ramat GanBecause of its history, Tel Aviv is a city full of opinions. The clashes between religions in other parts of Israel are not as strongly felt here, but do be mindful of expressing political opinions too strongly, especially if you are unfamiliar with the people who you are talking to. On the other hand, the approximately four and a half thousand people that make up the population of Tel Aviv like nothing better than to share their opinions, so listen and be as respectful as you can.
    • Most of Tel Aviv has a laissez-faire attitude, but travellers should be aware of what they are wearing when entering strict Jewish or Muslim neighbourhoods, or places of worship.
    • The city itself has good accessibility for disabled visitors, with the seafront boardwalk being a particularly well designed space. Make sure to check ahead when planning day trips and excursions.
    • Tel Aviv is an active place, and holidays are designed around beachfront activity, so prepare yourself for action!

    Local phrases & essential vocabulary

    • Most people in Tel Aviv speak excellent English; however, you may need to ask if they speak English to find this out. In Hebrew, you can say ata medaber anglit? (pronounced: a-ta me-da-ber an-glit) when addressing a man, and medaberet anglit? (me-da-bare-et an-glit) when asking a woman.
    • The customary greeting is shalom. This also works as a way of saying goodbye, and roughly translated means “peace be upon you”.
    • B’seder (pronounced : be-se-der) is an informal way of saying “okay”, or telling someone that everything is fine.
    • Bevakasha (be-va-ka-sha) means please; you can say bevakasha todah to say “you are welcome”.

    Cultural events in Tel Aviv

    Tel-Aviv is a buzzing city with lots of things to do:

    • February – Tel Aviv Marathon. This is one of Tel Aviv’s largest international events. Big celebrations go alongside the running, and there is also an inline skating half-marathon and a hand cycle race.
    • March - Purim in Tel Aviv. The Israeli equivalent of Halloween, Purim brings 3 days in the middle of the month during which children and adults dress up and party. An amazing array of events marks the festival, from the famous nightlife of the Florentin Tel Aviv Street Party to smaller street carnivals.
    • June – Tel Aviv Pride. One of the most flamboyant and enthusiastic LGBTQ festivals in the world. Fantastic costumes and huge floats celebrate all things equal rights and give the city a brilliant splash of colour.

    When to go to Tel Aviv?

    June to September is peak tourism season. The weather is incredibly hot, and the beaches do get very busy. Make sure, if you are coming in peak season, to book any restaurants or tours well in advance of your arrival. Going into autumn and winter, the weather can get much cooler, though because of the city’s Mediterranean climate the sun should still be strong enough to spend an afternoon on the beach. At nighttime, the temperatures can drop rapidly, particularly from November to January. The ideal time to go is late spring heading into the summer. From March through to May, Tel Aviv has perfect temperatures.

    What to eat in Tel Aviv?

    One of the most vegan-friendly cities on earth, Tel Aviv offers a real culinary mix. Its sea access guarantees great seafood, while its Middle Eastern connection means that various skewered meats can be found aplenty. Tel Aviv in particular has a rich tradition with the egg; sabich (hard-boiled eggs, fried aubergine and tahini in a pita) and shakshuka (an egg curry) are particular favourites.

    Tel Aviv treats you must try:

    • Schnitzel – breaded chicken cutlets.
    • Shakshuka – poached egg in a tomato stew.
    • Challah bread.
    • Shoko B’sakit – chocolate milk.

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