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    About Warsaw

    Warsaw, the capital of Poland, was severely damaged by bombs and shells during the Second World War. Fortunately, this has not caused the city to lose much of its grandeur.

    The River Vistula divides the city of Warsaw into two different parts. The district on the left bank is more attractive to tourists, with the modern city centre and the Old Town. The Old Town is lively and atmospheric, full of outdoor cafés and surrounded by mediaeval fortified walls. 

    Warsaw suffered greatly during the Second World War. Many historic buildings were destroyed, including the magnificent Warsaw Royal Castle. Fortunately, this castle has been renovated and it is now once again accessible to the public. Visitors can wander through magnificent royal chambers, such as the Marble Room, the Throne Room and the Ballroom and enjoy works from the early Baroque, Gothic and Rococo periods. The oldest monument in Warsaw is the statue of King Sigismund II Wasa. Also worth a visit is the market square, which is surrounded by beautiful mansions, alternating with cafés and restaurants.