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    Tenerife Parque Rural Anaga Panorama

    Outdoor adventures in Tenerife.

    The Island offers an immense variety of options to enjoy all kinds of activities, whether in the sea or amongst nature.

    Tenerife sailing

    A piece of paradise on earth.

    Take a real break, leave the world behind and have your best time ever. Welcome to Canary Islands.

    Tenerife Teide

    Teide National Park.

    This incredible volcanic area has a cable car that allows you to get very close to the peak, where you can enjoy spectacular views.

    Flights to Tenerife, Canary Islands

    Tenerife is the largest of the seven islands that make up the Canary Island archipelago and lies just over 300 km from the African coast, and about 1,300 km from the Spanish Mainland. The island is known throughout the world as the Island of Eternal Spring.
    Tenerife is a tourist destination that offers hundreds of options to enjoy in a place where a pleasant temperature is guaranteed - the annual average temperature is 22 degrees Celsius.

    So don’t wait a moment longer, and book your Brussels Airlines ticket to Tenerife and the Canary Islands!

    Top reasons to travel to Tenerife

    1. Wonderful nature. Tenerife has 43 protected areas that occupy almost half of its territory (48 percent). Among them is the Teide National Park, which has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. With a height of 3,718 meters, the Teide is the highest peak in Spain. At the eastern end of the island is the Anaga Rural Park with its Laurel forests, a relic of the Tertiary period which surprises visitors with its giant ferns and its magical fairy tale atmosphere.
    2. A wide variety of options. From lying down on any of its incredible beaches to sunbathing or enjoying an endless range of activities such as kayaking, windsurfing, surfing or diving. Those who prefer staying on dry land can choose between biking, cycling or hiking, not to mention paragliding, which offers an original and exciting view of the island from the air; an unforgettable experience.
    3. Beaches and swimming pools. The beaches of Tenerife go together perfectly with its sun to provide a cocktail that attracts millions of visitors each year. With yellow or black sand (a colour that comes from the island’s volcanic origin), there are plenty of beaches both in the north and in the south where you can bathe and tan yourself as much as you want. The natural swimming pools created by solidified lava are an equally authentic and rewarding alternative.
    4. Whale and dolphin watching. In the waters of the south of the Island, about three miles from the coast, it is possible to go whale and dolphin watching 365 days a year. Tenerife is one of the best places in the world for their sighting, hosting a stable colony of bottlenose dolphins and about 400 tropical pilot whales. It is as easy as signing up for an excursion at one of the ports in the south of the Island where the boats that are authorized to provide this service leave from.
    5. Cities and towns full of charm. In Santa Cruz it is possible to find avant-garde buildings such as the Tenerife Auditorium, the International Fair and Congress Centre, both works of Santiago Calatrava, or the TEA, the Tenerife Arts Centre, which was designed by Herzog and De Meuron. La Laguna, a Unesco World Heritage Site, is known for its traditional houses and courtyards, which are just as beautiful as those in other historical centres that also deserve a visit such as La Orotava or Garachico, to mention only two that travellers can visit during a tour of the Island.
    6. Paradise for families. Tenerife is a place to have a great time with the little ones. Not only due to all of the attractions and options to enjoy on the island, such as its beaches or mountains, but also because of the various theme parks spread out from north to south where the fun never ends: water parks with rides and slides for both smaller and older children and zoos with all kinds of animals, go kart tracks, etc. Many establishments are focused on families, with special attention paid to this type of traveller.
    7. A clear pure sky. The sky of Tenerife is considered one of the best in the world for observing the stars. The prestigious Institute of Astrophysics of the Canary Islands is located on the island and it has huge telescopes in which Spanish and international scientific teams work. Travellers can also enjoy watching the stars: there are companies that offer the activity of observation with telescopes, with a specialized guide and a snack.
    8. An island of traditions. Tenerife is an island known for its authentic traditional celebrations. Pilgrimages are one of the best examples of Canarian culture.

    For more information, visit the website Tenerife Tourism Office

    Practical information for your trip to Tenerife

    • Brussels Airlines flights arrive and depart from Tenerife South Airport, 61 kilometres from the capital Santa Cruz. A taxi to Santa Cruz takes about an hour. Alternatively, Line 111 connects Tenerife Airport with the capital and the main beaches of the island.
    • Current local time in Tenerife:  
    • Currency: as Tenerife is part of the Spanish owned Canary Islands, the currency is the euro. All major global credit and debit cards are accepted in both big cities and small towns, but it’s always a good idea to have some cash on you.
    • Telephone calls and Wi-Fi: The country code for Spain is 0034 and the internal area code for Tenerife is 922. The full city code, including the 0, must always be dialled, even when calling within Tenerife itself. Free Wi-Fi hotspots have been added throughout the island. In addition, many cafés, restaurants and hotels offer Wi-Fi, though you often need a password.
    • Electric sockets: Spain’s power supply is 220 volts. US and UK visitors, as well as tourists from other countries, will need a plug adaptor to use their electronic devices.
    • Travel information: Spain is a full Schengen member. Non-EU citizens need a valid passport with at least 6 remaining valid months. Make sure that children travelling with you have their own passport or ID card. For all information on visas and travel documents, visit the website:
    • Vaccination: No vaccinations are necessary to visit Spain. For more health information, visit the website

    What to do and not do in Tenerife?

    • Renting a car is the best and cheapest way to visit Tenerife. The roads are perfectly safe, but watch out for tourists walking along the road.
    • If you go shopping, it’s better to pay in Euro, the local currency. Merchants may raise their prices if you are paying in another currency.
    • Tenerife is a tourist island, but Spanish remains the dominant language. Hence, knowing some basic phrases in Spanish will always be useful and appreciated.

    Spanish phrase book

    • Say “Hola” and “Hasta luego” when you enter and leave a café or a restaurant, “Gracias” (thank you) and “Por favor” (please) when you ask for something. Also useful in shops: “¿Cuánto cuesta?” (How much?), in museums “Un billete por favor” (one ticket please) and in restaurants “La cuenta por favor” (the check please).

    Cultural events in Tenerife

    From March and until September the island’s towns fill up with oxen, carts and typical food, including potatoes and mojos, local wines and meat. The days of the year on the island are also full of popular festivities, many with a clear religious nature. Easter Week, especially in La Laguna or Corpus Christi, with a mandatory stop in La Orotava to look at its tapestries made of flowers and sand from the Teide, is highly recommended. And in February, the carnival takes over the Island, especially in the capital, Santa Cruz, which has one of the most striking, colourful and crowded carnivals in the world.

    When to go to Tenerife?

    In general, the Island´s climate is mild, temperate and moderate throughout the year. There are no seasons of extreme cold or suffocating heat. Average temperatures fluctuate between 17º and 25º C in winter, between 20º and 25º C in summer. The wide variety of climates and landscapes in Tenerife is matched by a wealth of ecosystems, each with its own characteristic flora and fauna.

    What to eat in Tenerife?

    The gastronomy of Tenerife has evolved in recent years and has led to creative and original cuisine, all accompanied by local wines, whose history dates back to the fifteenth century. The varieties of grapes, the climate and the peculiarities of the island’s volcanic soil give our wines an unrivalled originality and personality. Furthermore, there are four restaurants on the island that have Michelin stars, reflecting the quality of a cuisine that is worth tasting.

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