Pregnant women in normal health may travel by air up to the 36th week of their pregnancy, or until 4 weeks before the expected due date. Mothers-to-be who have reached the 37th week of pregnancy are only allowed on flights within Europe, provided they have received a medical clearance from our Medical Assistance Service Team.

Beyond the 28th week of pregnancy, it is recommended that expectant mothers carry a current letter from a doctor, including:

  • a confirmation that the pregnancy is progressing without complications
  • the expected due date
  • a that the patient’s pregnancy doesn’t prevent her from flying.

Expecting a multiple birth?

If the pregnancy proceeds without complications, you must have a medical clearance if you wish to fly beyond the 28th week of pregnancy. Please submit your doctor’s certificate, stating that you are physically fit to fly, within 72 hours of the scheduled time of departure.

Without medical documents or certificate to prove the expected due date, you may be denied boarding for safety reasons.

Contact our Medical Assistance Co-ordination Service for more information:

Opening hours: Monday till Friday: from 9AM – 4 PM Saturday, Sunday and bank holidays: from 9AM – 1 PM

Do you wish to book a flight for your as yet unborn baby?

Infants up to 2 years old can be added to an existing booking at any time, provided they will be travelling on your lap. If you are planning to fly after giving birth, we suggest you already book your flight now and contact our Service Centre once you have welcomed your baby to the world. To complete your booking, we will need the exact date of birth and full name as written on the baby’s documents.

Would you like to book a seat for your baby? Then you will have to wait until after the birth to book your flight. A seat can only be booked when the date of birth and full name are known.

Remember that new-born babies are not allowed to fly during the 7 days following birth.