Cancellation rights according to the Israel Consumer Protection Law

Ticket Cancellation According to the Israel Consumer Protection Law

  1. Use of this transaction cancelation mechanism will be in accordance with the Israel Consumer Protection Law for tickets that were purchased through the Service Centre in Israel or on the Brussels Airlines website for tickets for flights originating in Israel. Requests for refunds of tickets purchased from travel agents or Brussels Airlines stores and not through the Service Centre should be addressed to them in accordance with ticket conditions.
  2. Refunds for a canceled transaction on the website will be possible only for a flight ticket that was not used at all. If the ticket was partially utilized (flight in one direction), the customer should contact the party from whom the ticket was purchased.
  3. This is to clarify that the cancelation automatically applies to all passengers on the reservation. Customers interested in canceling the transaction only for a certain number of passengers listed on one reservation should contact the party from whom the ticket was purchased.
  4. The cancelation applies to all flights and services in the reservation. Customers who do not agree to this should contact the party from whom the ticket was purchased.
  5. Cancelation of the transaction is allowed within 14 days from the transaction date but not less than seven work days before the date of the departure flight (the first flight as specified on the flight ticket/reservation confirmation voucher).
  6. If these conditions are met, a cancelation fee of 5% of the value of the total price of the ticket or NIS 100, the lesser of the two, will be charged.
  7. The handling fee for tickets that were issued by the Service Centre cannot be returned.
  8. In all other cases, and subject to all laws, the person making the reservation will be charged according to Brussels Airlines’ cancellation policy, subject to ticket conditions.
  9. The refund will be given through the credit card that was used for making the transaction, within 14 days, in accordance with all laws.
  10. Brussels Airlines may change the conditions.