Automated check-in

Choose our Automated Check-in service on Brussels Airlines-operated flights and enjoy an even more carefree travel experience. With this service, you no longer have to think about checking in online or at the airport. Instead, we will do the work for you by checking you in for your flight and sending your mobile boarding pass 24 hours before departure. You can choose to receive your boarding pass by e-mail (printable PDF file or mobile boarding pass) or via SMS link to a mobile boarding pass, whichever way you prefer.

How automated check-in works:

  • Register for automated check-in via our Service Centre (+32 (0)2 723 23 62 - local tariff) or your travel agent and let them know whether you would like to receive your boarding pass by SMS link or by e-mail (printable PDF file or mobile boarding pass).
  • Seating: If you haven’t already chosen a seat during your booking, we will assign one for you. If you would like to change it, simply click on the seat number on your boarding pass, and you will be able to choose a new one online or via mobile.
  • When travelling to certain countries, Additional Passenger Information (API) is required. You will be asked to provide this information when you book your flight. In case the API data is missing from your booking, automated check-in will not be possible, and we will send you a notification instead.