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Are you rather a window-seat or an aisle-seat lover? Or do you want to make sure that you and your friends or family can sit together on the flight? Secure your favourite seats by selecting them in advance!

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Our seats on European flights

  • Bizz&Class, Flex&Fast or Light&Relax traveller?
    You can select your seat for free
  • Miles & More Senator or HON Circle member?
    You can select your seat for free
  • Check&Go traveller?
    Select your seat for just €10/12CHF/$12 per flight

Our seats on intercontinental flights

Business Class seats

Superior comfort on board

Luxurious 2m full flat bed with integrated massage function and adjustable lumbar cushion. Includes a soft fleece blanket, a fluffy pillow and a personal amenity kit.

What’s more, you can select these comfortable seats in advance for free.

Comfort Zone seats

Lean back and relax

At the front of the Economy Class, comfort zone seats provide extra legroom and larger seat recline. Comfort zone seats are available at €90 / 99CHF / $99 per flight.

Please note that we don’t offer Economy Privilege anymore. Looking for enhanced comfort for your flight? Try out our new Comfort Zone seats.

Economy Extra Legroom seats

Room to stretch your legs

Seats in the Economy cabin with generous leg space. Travellers in Economy can select their extra legroom seat in advance against a fee.

Note: These seats are located at the emergency exits, meaning that you must meet the safety requirements for emergency exit seats.

Economy Standard seats

Take a seat

Ergonomic seats with adjustable headrest in the economy cabin. Travellers in Economy can select their preferred standard seat in advance against a fee.

Travellers with a ticket in Economy Standard, Flex, High Flex, Max Flex and Miles & More Senator and HON Circle members can select their preferred Standard seat in advance for free.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can select your seats in advance on, while you make your flight booking or afterwards, through login into “My Booking”.

Unfortunately, in some cases, you may not be able to select seats in advance via our website. If you are a passenger requiring specific assistance or travelling with passengers requiring specific assistance, you are kindly requested to select your seats by contacting :
  • your travel agency
  • our airport ticketing office
  • our Service Centre (+32 2 723 23 62 / +1 866 308 22 30 for US and Canada)
  • our social media agents via Facebook or Twitter
Advance seat selection is only available on flights operated by Brussels Airlines, not on codeshare flights, nor if your flight was booked via the website of a partner airline.
Advance seat selection is currently not available on flights departing from:
  • Egypt
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Singapore
  • Thailand
  • South Africa
You can select your seat in advance during your booking or afterwards up to 24hrs before scheduled departure of your flight.

Note that if you have not selected any seats in advance, you can still select a seat, free of charge, when you check in online, from 24 hours before departure, or at the airport.
You will not receive a confirmation email upon successful seat selection. You will however receive a payment receipt for any paid seats you successfully selected.
Infants (children up to 2 years old) are allowed to travel on their parents’ lap. In this case, it is not required to select their seat. Please note that only 1 baby per adult is accepted. You can also choose to buy a separate seat for your baby at the reduced rates for children if any children’s rate is applicable.

Note also that passengers travelling with children or infants are not entitled to select seats on an emergency exit row nor any seats on the row following an emergency exit row.
If you are a Miles&More Senator or HON Circle member, or have booked a ticket in Economy Max Flex, you will be entitled to select your preferred Standard seat in advance for free.
If your flight is cancelled by Brussels Airlines, we will grant you a full refund. If you cancel your flight or change your flight and the option is no longer available, your seat reservation is not refundable. More information here.
Please note that for operational, security or safety reasons, Brussels Airlines might have to change your seat number. Should this occur, Brussels Airlines will do its utmost to maintain your seat characteristics (window/aisle) and the guarantee that you will be seated together.
Yes, you can modify your seating. If you would like to change your seating more than 24hrs before departure of your flight, you can contact our Service Centre or our social media agents via Facebook or Twitter (note that it is currently not possible to do so via our website). As from 24hrs before departure, you can change your seating while you check in online or at the airport. Note that changes will be subject to availability. In case of a seating upgrade, the price difference will be charged.
Please note that the seat numbers have a generic meaning only. It states a choice for a seat characteristic (window, aisle) and not a dedicated number. We reserve the right to change the seat allocation at any time - even after boarding of the aircraft - for operational, security or safety reasons, or for reasons of Force Majeure.
That’s really not a problem, it just took you too long to finalize your selection. Just go back to My Booking and start again. But be quicker this time!
Yes you can, but not online. Please call our Service Centre, they will be happy to assist you.
Yes you can, but not online. Please call our Service Centre, they will be happy to assist you.
Yes you can, but not online. Please call our Service Centre, they will be happy to assist you.
Yes you can, but not online. Please call our Service Centre, they will be happy to assist you.
There may be different reasons why you are not eligible to select your seat in advance on My Booking. Should you encounter this issue, do not hesitate to call our Service Centre, they will be happy to assist you.
Please bear in mind that being seated on emergency exit seats requires you to be able to assist the crew in any emergency situation. Please read this important notice carefully if you intend to be seated at an emergency exit. For the safety of all passengers, our check-in agents and cabin crew will ensure that you meet the safety conditions. They are entitled to allocate another seat to passengers not meeting the necessary requirements. In this case, no refund will be granted.