Music and sports equipment

Sports equipment

As a general rule, you’re allowed to bring your sports equipment along for free as long as it falls within your free baggage allowance.

Sports equipment allowed as hand baggage

Sports equipment that is small may be brought on board as hand baggage if:

Otherwise, it must be transported as checked baggage.

Sports equipment allowed as checked baggage

All sports equipment may be brought on board for free as checked baggage if:

  • It falls within your free checked baggage allowance (number of pieces)
  • It doesn’t exceed the limitations on checked baggage (weight & size)

Otherwise, special rates apply for the transportation of sports equipment. These can be found below.

Exception for e-bikes, steps and other battery powered vehicles

Battery powered bikes and vehicles powered by lithium batteries (e.g. electric steps, airwheels, hoverboards, mini-segways) are not accepted as normal sports and transportation equipment. These vehicles are subject to Dangerous Goods Regulations and need to be shipped as Cargo.

E-bikes with a removable battery can be transported as a normal bike. The removed battery can be taken in your hand baggage (below or equal to 160Wh) or transported as cargo (more than 160 Wh). E-bikes with a non-removable battery are forbidden on board.

Sports equipment fees

For sports equipment that you want to bring on top of your free baggage allowance, special fees apply.

Can’t find your type of sports equipment below? Then the regular fees for extra baggage apply.
Always contact our Service Centre as soon as possible if you intend to bring sports equipment with you. Limited storage space may be available on your flight.

These fees are only applicable on Brussels Airlines operated flights. For flights operated by codeshare partners, please check the website of our partner airlines.

Type of equipment Includes Fee per one-way flight
Fee per one-way flight
Ski Equipment 1 pair of skis, 1 pair of poles, 1 pair of boots (even if in separate bag), 1 helmet FREE Except for:
Check&Go €80/CHF90/$90
FREE Except for:
To/from/via US & Canada €100/CHF120/$130
Snowboard Equipment 1 snowboard, 1 pair of boots (even if in separate bag), 1 helmet FREE Except for: Check&Go €80/CHF90/$90 FREE Except for: To/from/via US & Canada €100/CHF120/$130
Mountaineering / Hiking / Walking Equipment 1 backpack, 1 ice pick, 1 pair of climbing irons, 1 pair of poles €80/CHF90/$90 €100/CHF120/$130
Archery Equipment 1 bow and arrow set packed in 1 durable protective container €80/CHF90/$90 €100/CHF120/$130
Bicycle 1 regular bike (no motor / no e-bike) or 1 special children's trolley to use with a bike or 1 one-wheel bike. Bicycles must be packed in a protective case or bag. €80/CHF90/$90 €100/CHF120/$130
Boogieboard / Bodyboard 1 board €80/CHF90/$90 €100/CHF120/$130
Bowling Equipment 1 bowling bag, 1 bowling ball, 1 pair of shoes €80/CHF90/$90 €100/CHF120/$130
Fencing Equipment 1 bag including 1 helmet, a fencing uniform and fencing sword(s) €80/CHF90/$90 €100/CHF120/$130
Fishing Equipment 1 tackle box or 1 haversack or 1 angler's basket, 1 rod, 1 bag or 1 box €80/CHF90/$90 €100/CHF120/$130
Golf Equipment 1 golf bag containing one set of golf clubs, golf balls and tees, 1 pair of golf shoes €80/CHF90/$90 €100/CHF120/$130
Hockey Equipment 1 hockey bag, hockey sticks, 1 pair of ice skates, 1 set of body protection (knee, arms, etc.), 1 helmet €80/CHF90/$90 €100/CHF120/$130
Inline-Skates 1 pair of inline skates, 1 set of body protection (knee, arms, etc.), 1 helmet €80/CHF90/$90 €100/CHF120/$130
Javelin 1 set of javelin equipment packed in one container €80/CHF90/$90 €100/CHF120/$130
Kite Surfboard / Wakeboard 1 kite, 1 board / 1 board €80/CHF90/$90 €100/CHF120/$130
Parachute Equipment 1 set of Parachute Equipment packed in 1 container €80/CHF90/$90 €100/CHF120/$130
Scuba Equipment 1 diving mask, snorkel, fins, wetsuit, BCD-jacket, regulator, 1 empty tankbottle, 1 lamp (switched off, energy source separately packed, removed battery protected against short circuit) €80/CHF90/$90 €100/CHF120/$130
Skateboard 1 board, 1 set of body protection (knee, arms, etc.), 1 helmet €80/CHF90/$90 €100/CHF120/$130
Sporting/Hunting Weapons plus Ammunition Sporting/Hunting guns, pistols, rifles plus ammunition (according to IATA DGR Regulations and even if packed in separate bag). Additional rules apply to the carriage of weapons. Please read them carefully here. €80/CHF90/$90 €100/CHF120/$130
Surfboard 1 board (up to 2m) €80/CHF90/$90 €100/CHF120/$130
Tennis-/Squash-/Badminton-Equipment 1 set of rackets and balls packed in 1 bag €80/CHF90/$90 €100/CHF120/$130
Waterski Equipment 1 pair of water skis or 1 slalom water skis €80/CHF90/$90 €100/CHF120/$130
Waveboard 1 board, 1 set of body protection (knee, arms, etc.), 1 helmet €80/CHF90/$90 €100/CHF120/$130
Canoe / Kayak 1 canoe or 1 kayak (no motor attached) €130/CHF150/$160 €200/CHF240/$300
Hang Gliding Equipment 1 set of hang gliding equipment packed in 1 container €130/CHF150/$160 €200/CHF240/$300
Horse Riding Equipment 1 saddle, 1 set of horse harness, 1 horse whip, 1 pair of riding boots, 1 bareback pad, 1 set of Polo Sticks €130/CHF150/$160 €200/CHF240/$300
Longboard 1 board (exceeding 2m) €130/CHF150/$160 €200/CHF240/$300
Pole Vault Equipment 1 set of vaulting poles packed in 1 container €130/CHF150/$160 €200/CHF240/$300
Rubber Dinghy 1 rubber dinghy (no motor attached) €130/CHF150/$160 €200/CHF240/$300
Tandem Bike 1 tandem bike with max 2 seats (no motor / no e-bike) €130/CHF150/$160 €200/CHF240/$300
Windsurf Equipment 1 board, 1 sail, 1 boom, 1 mast, 1 gear bag €130/CHF150/$160 €200/CHF240/$300

Musical instruments

No matter if you’re a professional musician or simply want to bring your instrument with you on holiday, your musical instrument is welcome on board of Brussels Airlines flights. Its size will determine how you can bring your musical instrument with you on board.

Small instruments (e.g. violin, flute, etc.) Medium sized instruments (e.g. guitar) Large instruments (e.g. contrabass)

You can bring a small instrument on board as hand baggage as long as:

  • it falls within your free hand baggage allowance
  • it can be stowed away in the overhead bin or underneath the seat in front of yours

Instruments that are too large to be stowed away in the overhead bin or underneath the seat in front of you can also be brought on board if you book an extra seat for them.

Large instruments can only be transported in the hold.

No need to contact us, simply make sure you comply with our hand baggage limits

Book both your seat and the extra seat for your instrument via our Service Centre

Contact our Service Centre for more information

Are you travelling as a band or ensemble? Contact our Group Booking team for a more customized booking.