Tips for travelling with infants and children

  1. Don’t be afraid to contact your airline if you have any doubt, being duly informed will make your travel arrangements a lot easier.

  2. Arrive at the airport in advance, this will give you time to change your baby if something unexpected happens or to feed him/her. Remember that during taking-off you will have to sit down with your seatbelt fasten.

  3. Make sure you have all the necessary travel documents. If you have it, bring a copy of the baby’s birth-certificate, in particular if the names of the parents don’t appear on your baby’s ID. This will avoid any problem at check-in.

  4. By ascent or descent, nurse or give a bottle or a dummy to your baby (or a candy if he/she is a little bit older): sucking will help him/her to balance the pressure.

  5. You may bring your stroller all the way up to the aircraft door and we will put it in the hold of the aircraft from there. Please remember that all baby strollers, including all types of collapsible strollers (for example Pockit Buggy’s) are not allowed in the cabin and must be stored in the hold.

  6. Bring a baby sling, in particular if you transit: you won’t be able to use your stroller until you arrive at destination.

  7. Don’t bring heavy hand luggage; your hands will be sufficiently busy.

  8. Put everything you need in a bag and keep it to hand. Don’t forget some toys (avoid if possible musical ones, unless you can adjust the volume), several nappies, one complete change of clothes, everything you may need for the meal, medicines and a lot of wipes. Anti-bacterial hand gel is also a must.

  9. Dress your baby in a comfortable way. If the baby walks, take out the shoes after taking-off and put extra socks. Bring also a sweater, a little hat covering the ears, and a blanket.

  10. Avoid liquid meals and food that needs to be cooked. Go for baby food that can be easily warmed up. Remember that baby food, milk, juices, and formulas for babies are allowed on board. If the pack is open, you will probably be asked to taste it at the security check.

  11. Be friendly with the passengers travelling beside you: they will be more incline to accept your baby crying and your several visits to the toilet.

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