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    Cube Houses

    Cube Houses (Kubuswoningen)

    Designed by architect Piet Blom, this innovative village houses residential cubes, built at a 45-degree angle to make the most of the available space.



    Kinderdijk is a UNESCO World Heritage site: its 19 mills date back to the 18th century. This typical Dutch landmark is easily accessible by waterbus from Rotterdam in just half an hour.

    Flights to Rotterdam

    Rotterdam, the second largest city in the Netherlands and the biggest port in Europe, is a port city mixing modern architecture and history dating back to the 12th century. Between its museums, its avant-garde architecture, its old harbour, and its happy atmosphere, Rotterdam is the ideal city for a family trip or a romantic weekend.

    In partnership with the InterCity Brussels-Amsterdam, Brussels Airlines offers a daily connection to Rotterdam. More info >>

    What to do in Rotterdam?

    1. The cube houses: designed by the architect Piet Blom, these 188 houses in sloping cube forms represent a forest; where each house symbolizes a tree. You can visit and even sleep in some of them.
    2. Euromast: you can climb to the top of this tower to take in breath-taking views of the city.
    3. The village of Kinderdijk: this UNESCO World Heritage village is located about twenty kilometres away from Rotterdam. It will charm you with its 19 mills dating from 1740.
    4. The Wereldmuseum: This museum dedicated to the history of various non-Western civilizations exhibits an impressive collection of pieces from around the world.
    5. The Rotterdam Zoo: one of the most beautiful zoos in Europe is located in Rotterdam and is considered as the most beautiful in the Benelux. You will meet fascinating animals. The perfect place to spend a day with your family.
    6. See the Erasmus Bridge: this swan-shaped bridge is a remarkable feat of engineering.
    7. Markthal is a covered market the size of a football field. You will find a market, a supermarket and even apartments. This is the place to try traditional food such as stroopwafel, gouda, mussels, etc.
    8. Take a walk in the Delfshaven District, also called "Old Rotterdam". This district is one of the few parts of the city that was not affected by the bombing of the Second World War. It still has its canals, mills, boats and traditional houses.
    9. For Street Art lovers, the tourist office offers a 7 km circuit to see the street art of Rotterdam.
    10. The Church of Saint Lawrence: it is located on the Grotekerkplein. Dating from the 15th/16th century, it escaped the bombing of the Second World War.
    11. The Boijmans-Van Beuningen Museum: the museum houses paintings by Rembrandt, Rubens, Van Gogh, Bruegel, Picasso, Magritte, Kandinsky, …

    Practical information for your trip to Rotterdam

    • Brussels Airlines offers you the possibility to travel to Rotterdam Central Station via Brussels Airport. With only one booking, you can combine your Brussels Airlines operated flight with a train journey on the InterCity Brussels-Amsterdam, taking you straight to Rotterdam city centre.
    • Current local time in Rotterdam:  
    • Currency: Euro
    • Telephone calls and Wi-Fi: The country dialling code is +31. Wi-Fi is widely available.
    • Electric sockets: Type F, 230 V/50 Hz. Visitors from the UK or the US will need an adapter.
    • Travel information: The Netherlands is a full Schengen member. Non-EU citizens need a valid passport with at least 6 remaining valid months. For all information on visas and travel documents, visit the website
    • Vaccination: No vaccinations are required to enter the Netherlands. For more health information, consult

    Dos and Don’ts in Rotterdam

    • Cycling is the most popular means of transport among locals. Hardly surprising, as the city is flat and there are plenty of bike paths. You can rent one at a specialized agency or at your hotel. Your holiday in Rotterdam won’t be complete without a bike ride!
    • You can take taxis on the water and cruise the canals.

    Local phrases & essential vocabulary:

    • Good morning/Good afternoon: Goedendag/Goedenavond
    • How are you? : Hoe gaat het met u?
    • I’m fine, thank you, and you? : Goed, dank u, en met u?
    • Do you speak English? : Spreekt u Engels?
    • I understand/I don’t understand: Ik begrijp/Ik begrijp het niet
    • Yes/No: Ja/Nee
    • Sorry: Sorry
    • Goodbye: Tot ziens
    • Thank you/thank you so much: Dank u/Dankjewel
    • Excuse me/please: Excuseer /Alstublieft
    • No, thank you: Nee dank u
    • How much is it? : Hoeveel kost het?

    Cultural events in Rotterdam

    • International Film Festival: for 10 days at the end of January, you will be treated to independent films, short films and documentaries from all around the world.
    • The North Sea Jazz Festival is a renowned festival that takes place on the port of Rotterdam in mid-July. You can tune into Jazz, Blues, gospel, soul, salsa, rock, Funk, Hip-Hop, world music … but also exhibitions of contemporary art and video.
    • World Port Festival Rotterdam: the port of Rotterdam, Europe’s largest commercial port, shows off its boats in early September. Several activities are proposed, such as harbour excursions, boat visits, shows on the water, and more.
    • King’s Day: the date of the birth of King Willem-Alexander is celebrated throughout the Netherlands. On the evening of the 26th of April, "King’s Night" celebrations are held, and several festivities take place such as concerts, shows, parades, and more. The 27th of April marks "King’s Day”, when the whole country enjoys a public holiday, the shops are closed, everyone dresses in orange, and most importantly, everyone parades in the street to celebrate the king’s birthday. The whole city is transformed into a giant flea market, and don’t forget to taste the "oranjebitter", as this drink is made only that day.
    • Museum Night: at the beginning of March, Rotterdam’s museums open their doors for one night.
    • Metropolis Festival: it was in this festival of new talents that "Interpol" and "The Strokes" were discovered. It is a one-day festival held at Zuiderpark.
    • Art Rotterdam Week: there are 3 main art fairs: Art Rotterdam, the Rotterdam Contemporary Art Fair and Object Rotterdam.
    • Rotterdam Unlimited: this festival, which promotes multiculturalism in the city, hosts more than 170 nationalities. The city will be full of concerts, shows, art … and every year the "battle of drums" and a colourful parade are also staged.

    When to go to Rotterdam?

    Rotterdam has a temperate climate, but the weather can change quickly during the day. Rotterdam can be visited in any season, the best moment to go there depends on what you have in mind.

    If you like the sun, the best time is undoubtedly summer, where the temperatures are the highest. But if you want to see the tulips, April is the best month. If you have a romantic bent, then autumn is for you. This season is a good alternative to the cold of the winter and the showers of the summer.

    What to eat and drink in Rotterdam?

    • Oliebollen: fried balls of pasta covered with icing sugar. You will find the most famous at “Richard Visser” at the corner of “Heemraadssingel” and “Vierembachtsstraat”.
    • Stroopwafel: thin waffles filled with caramel or honey.
    • Rookworst: smoked sausages. They can be eaten in a sandwich or as a snack.
    • Haring en ui: marinated herring, served with sliced onions.
    • Frikandel: this sausage is a mixture of several meats, which is then fried.
    • Erwtensoep: is a very thick soup of split peas.
    • Stamppot: mashed potatoes, vegetables, and sausage.

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