Flights to Egypt

Known as a holiday destination since Antiquity, Egypt has it all. History enthusiasts will fulfil their dream of walking in the pharaoh’s footsteps by admiring the legendary pyramids, hieroglyphs and temples. Tourists seeking sun, sand and sea will find happiness and comfort in the resorts of Sharm el Sheikh, Hurghada and Marsa Alam. Thanks to its colourful coral reef and its crystal-clear water, the Red Sea is undoubtedly a scuba diving paradise.

  • Cairo

    The Egyptian capital of Cairo is the largest city in Africa and home to nearly 20 million residents. The city’s proximity to the Great Sphinx and pyramids of Giza makes it a popular destination for tourists.

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  • Marsa Alam

    The town of Marsa Alam is one of Egypt’s rare seaside resorts that is still undiscovered by mass tourism. It’s the place par excellence to relax and take advantage of the beauties of authentic Egypt. Its mangroves and palm trees make it a true tropical paradise.

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