General conditions Luchthaventrans BVBA

Art. 1.: Persons who have requested transportation will be picked up 10 minutes before the corresponded pickup time on the address that has been communicated by Brussels Airlines. In case of unexpected traffic, road works and/or weather conditions these persons may be contacted by Luchthaventrans directly for changing the pickup time. The persons who have requested transportation have to be ready to leave 10 minutes before the corresponded pickup time. The driver will wait maximum 15 minutes past the corresponded pickup time. If the Luchthaventrans driver has not shown up 15 minutes past pickup time, please contact Luchthaventrans immediately.

Art. 2.: Persons who are being picked up by Luchthaventrans on the airport should look for a sign or tablet mentioning Brussels Airlines and their name. Luchthaventrans drivers will wait for the passengers in the arrival hall, near the JAVA Corner coffee bar (when leaving the luggage belts/customs area, head to your right). If the Luchthaventrans driver can’t be found, please head to the Brussels Airlines counter located in the departure hall. The persons who have requested transportation are obliged to inform Luchthaventrans immediately in case they are not on the flight that has been communicated to Luchthaventrans. In case of flight annulation, a rebooking or change in flight schedule, it is also mandatory to contact the local representatives of Brussels Airlines at the airport of departure or the Brussels Airlines Service Centre at +32 2 723 23 62. If the persons who have requested transportation fail to inform Luchthaventrans and/or Brussels Airlines in these cases, the right to transportation is suspended conform this agreement and these persons need to find transportation to their final destination at their own accord and using their own resources.

Art. 3.: Luchthaventrans is liable for any damage done to the persons who requested transportation, caused by total or partial inadequate performance of the agreement except in case of force majeure (such as exceptional weather conditions, unexpected traffic, unannounced road works, demonstrations,…) and except if Luchthaventrans can demonstrate that all necessary precautions were taken for a smooth and secure transfer as agreed upon in the best efforts obligation resting upon Luchthaventrans. Brussels Airlines cannot be held liable for shortcomings on the part of Luchthaventrans. All complaints in this respect will be directly addressed to Luchthaventrans.

Art. 4.: Luchthaventrans is duly insured in compliance with the conditions of the Regent’s Decree of 15 June 1947 concerning the transportation of persons.

Art. 5.: A child seat is available if requested 24 hours in advance.

Art. 6.: Luchthaventrans has to be informed in advance of luggage exceeding the Brussels Airlines number of free luggage pieces, measurements and weight. In this case, extra transport may be foreseen for the luggage, paid for by the persons requesting transportation. The Luchthaventrans driver will take care of the loading and unloading of luggage.

Art. 7.: The transportation of pets (cats and dogs) have to be mentioned in advance. Small animals have to be transported in a scent- and leak free bag with soft lining. Dogs weighing more than 8kg have to be transported in a special container.

Art. 8.: Transportation of aggressive or drunk persons may be refused.