Meet Aerosmurf

Meet Aerosmurf


Aerosmurf is our 5th Belgian Icon and is dedicated to Belgium's beloved small, blue characters, the Smurfs, who have delighted generations all over the globe. Cartoonist Peyo's world has been conquering the hearts of both children and adults for 60 years. This is why our Airbus A320 with registration number OO-SND will take the Smurfs to new heights.

But there is more! In addition to these lovely blue characters on the outside of this unique aircraft, the inside is decorated as well. Follow the Smurfs' footprints on the carpet to your seat while enjoying the Smurfs music and movie. Aerosmurf is also the first plane in our Brussels Airlines fleet with a design on its belly - Gargamel and Azrael are sneaking onto the plane!

This inspiring design of the Smurfs was selected following a contest in August 2017 which drew more than 1,400 submissions. The final winning idea of a Smurf design by Marta Mascellani was chosen by public vote.

Questions about Aerosmurf

What does Aerosmurf mean?

The name of the aircraft is the title of a Smurf comic album which tells the story of a little Smurf whose dream is to fly.

This little Smurf tried several ideas: he stuck feathers on his back, locked himself in a bubble of soap, was catapulted into the air, ... But none of these worked. Until he built a plane!

And since then, he has been known as Aerosmurf!

Who designed our 5th Belgian Icon, the Aerosmurf?

Marta Mascellani won our “Design our next Belgian Icon” contest in 2017 thanks to a stunning Smurf-themed aircraft she created to celebrate the Smurfs’ 60th anniversary in 2018. Her beautiful design was then fine-tuned by our marketing team to ensure it would fit on our Airbus A320.

What's the registration number of Aerosmurf?

That's OO-SND (or as we refer to her when we speak to colleagues, "Sierra-November-Delta").

Where will Aerosmurf fly to?

You can find the schedule of our Aerosmurf for the next three days below. The schedule listed is the most up-to-date, but please bear in mind that, for operational reasons, this can change at the last minute and without prior notice.

For how long will OO-SND carry the Smurfs livery?

The livery will stay until approximately 2023.

Will there be more Brussels Airlines aircraft with a special livery?

We already have Rackham, Magritte, Trident, Amare and now we have Aerosmurf. Who knows what may come next …

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The schedule listed is the most up-to-date, but please bear in mind that this can change at the last minute and without prior notice.