Meet Trident


Our Airbus A320 with registration number OO-SNA is dedicated to our national pride: the Belgian Red Devils. For everything they have given us in their rise to the top, and for all the exciting matches still ahead of us.

Sporting the faces of our national football players including Vincent Kompany, Kevin De Bruyne, Eden Hazard and so many more, our Airbus will take to the skies throughout Europe.

And it gets better!! Not only is the outside of this marvellous aircraft painted with the faces of these stars, the inside is painted as well! The overhead bins, renewed in May 2018, showcase the absolute highlights of Belgian football since 1904. What's your favourite moment in Belgian football history?

The Belgian Red Devils are one of the biggest ambassadors of our country and we are proud to be their official airline. One of our goals at Brussels Airlines is to bring people together, and that's exactly what our Belgian Red Devils do as well: they unite a nation. It is with great pleasure that we flew them to the World Championship in Russia, and that we will fly them to every single game abroad over the coming years as well.

Together, we look forward to welcoming you on board our Trident aircraft.

Meet Trident

Questions about Trident

Why did you choose the Belgian Red Devils?

The Belgian Red Devils inspire others to follow their dreams. To never give up. To spread their wings. To succeed as a team. We've designed this plane for the passion and enthusiasm that the Belgian Red Devils inspire in their fans. For all the hugs and high fives that everyone has shared. That's why we have created Trident as part of our aircraft series in honour of Belgian icons. Because this is what the Belgian Red Devils are. Belgian icons.

What does Trident mean?

The trident is the eye-catching symbol of the Belgian Red Devils. As well as on their logo, you will see the trident everywhere in a stadium when the national team plays their games. And from now on, you will also see it in the air.

Who designed Trident?

The Belgian Red Devils themselves teamed up with our designers to create this unique aircraft livery.

What's the registration number of Trident?

That's OO-SNA (or as we refer to her when we speak to colleagues, "Sierra-November-Alpha")

Where will Trident be next?

You can find the schedule for Trident for the next three days below. The schedule listed is the most up-to-date, but please bear in mind that it can change at the last minute, and without prior notice. The schedule listed is the most current, but please keep in mind that it can change last minute, and without notice.

How long will OO-SNA carry the Belgian Red Devils livery?

The livery will stay until 2022.

Will there be more Brussels Airlines aircraft with a special livery?

We already have Rackham, Magritte, Trident, Amare and Aerosmurf painting the sky, and who knows what will follow next...

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The schedule listed is the most current, but please keep in mind that it can change last minute, and without notice.





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