Our fleet

Brussels Airlines flies a number of different types of aircraft, depending on the length of the flight, to destinations in Europe, Africa and North America. Of course, all our aircraft are equipped with comfortable leather seats and other comforts.

Avro RJ100

fleet_avroSeveral destinations in Europe are served by AVRO RJ100 aircraft. Brussels Airlines has 9 AVRO RJ100 with 97 seats. 

Airbus A319 & A320

fleet_a319Some destinations in Europe and the Middle East are served by our Airbus A319 & A320 aircraft. Brussels Airlines has 20 Airbuses A319, each with about 141 seats & 9 Airbuses A320, each with 180 seats.  

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Airbus A330

fleet_a330Our African and American destinations are served by 6 Airbuses A330-300 and 3 Airbuses A330-200.


Dash 8 Q400

DHC-8Some European destinations are served by 2 Dash 8 Q400.