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Brussels Airlines: passenger growth continues in March

Wednesday, April 09, 2014 Last March, 491,037 passengers flew with Brussels Airlines. That is an increase of 5.6% compared to the same month last year. 27.1% of their passengers combined two Brussels Airlines flights, with a connection in Brussels Airport.

Brussels Airlines attracted 4.3% more passengers on its European flights, while their African flights between welcomed 8.6% more passengers. Thanks to a capacity increase, the airline's US flights welcomed 29.1% more passengers.

Among all passengers, 72.9% of them flew between Brussels and one of Brussels Airlines’ destinations. The other 27.1% combined two Brussels Airlines flights, with a connection in Brussels Airport.

Due to the fact that the Easter holidays, traditionally known as a very busy travel period, started last year in March and this year in April, the seat load factor decreased last month. Moreover, the Carnival holidays which traditionally attract less business travelers, fell this year in March instead of February.

In addition to this scheduled flight activity, Brussels Airlines operated many holiday flights for tour operators and incentive agencies. Passenger figures for this charter activity are not included in the monthly figures of this press release.

March 2014 March 2013 month/month difference in %
Passengers 491,037 465,138 + 5.6
Available seat-kilometres (in millions) 1,197.36 1,062.65 + 12.7
Revenue seat-kilometres (in millions) 800.01 739.86 + 8.1
Freight ton-kilometres (x1,000) 19,148 14,385 + 33.1%
Overall Load Factor (Passengers & freight) 58.4% 61.7% - 3.3 pct punt
Passenger Load Factor (PLF) 66.8% 69.6% - 2.8 pct punt