Lost or damaged baggage

Delayed or lost baggage

We’re sorry that your baggage has been delayed. We’ll do everything we can to locate and return it as soon as possible. You’ll find all the information regarding the next steps to take below.

There are two available options:
  1. Report your missing baggage before leaving the airport at the Brussels Airlines desk in the baggage reclaim area or at the airport’s Lost & Found office. You can find the details of our offices on the airport’s website. You will receive a unique reference number (for example: BRUSN12345) which we will use to trace your baggage. The more information you can give us about your baggage – the colour, model, brand, unique features, etc. – the better.
  2. Report it online within 24 hours of your actual flight arrival time (English and German only). If you have already reported your missing baggage at the airport, there is no need to do this again online.
You are given a unique reference number when reporting your missing baggage. You can log in to our baggage tracing system to check the status of your missing baggage in real time.
We locate most baggage within 24 hours. Once your baggage has been located, we will contact you to arrange delivery.
If your baggage is still missing after 5 days, we will start an extensive tracing process, based on the contents of your baggage.

You must complete the baggage inventory form to initiate this process and return it as soon as possible to our Central Baggage Tracing Department via email. Remember to save the form on your computer before editing it.

Please note that if you don’t send us this form, we won’t be able to start the extensive tracing process and you won’t be refunded if your baggage is considered lost. In addition, the sooner you send us the form, the sooner we can start the search and the sooner we can find your missing baggage.

In the unfortunate event that we are not able to locate your baggage after 21 days from receipt of the completed baggage inventory form, your baggage will be considered to be lost and you are entitled to compensation.

Send us your claim via this form. Please include invoices, bank statements, purchase receipts, etc., to prove the value of the items in your baggage.

Have you had to buy additional items (toiletries, clothing, etc.) because your baggage was delayed? If so, you may be entitled to compensation.

Once your baggage has been returned to you, please complete this claim form as soon as possible. Please note that as per our General Conditions, this claim must reach us within 21 days after the delivery date of your baggage.

Damaged baggage or missing items

Damaged baggage

Brussels Airlines and its agents handle all baggage with care. Nevertheless, damage may occur. Please find details of the process to follow in the event of damaged baggage below.

Report the damage at the airport

Please go to the Brussels Airlines desk in the baggage reclaim area or the airport’s Lost & Found office. You can find the details of our offices on the airport’s website. If you don’t report the damage at the airport, we won’t be able to repair the item or refund you.

You will be given a reference number and, in most of our European airports, you’ll receive a leaflet with the contact details of Dolfi, our contracted partner for repairs, which will repair your baggage on our behalf.

You can take your damaged baggage to a Dolfi shop where it will be repaired.

If there aren’t any Dolfi shops in your country or if you prefer to use another company, you may decide to take your baggage to another repair shop. If this is the case, please fill in the damaged baggage form and send it to us within 7 days of your baggage being damaged. Please enclose the following with the form:

  • copies of your ticket or boarding card
  • baggage tag(s)
  • repair costs

If the baggage cannot be repaired, please enclose confirmation from the repair shop, stating the value of the damaged baggage, its date of purchase, the baggage receipt and a picture of the damaged baggage.

Missing items

If items are missing from your hand baggage, remember that a carrier cannot be held liable for damage (including petty theft) to any baggage which has not been entrusted to it.
If items are missing from your checked baggage, you must report this loss before leaving the airport; otherwise, we cannot be held liable.

Please note that we cannot be held liable for any fragile or perishable items, food, statues and art, money, keys, jewellery, precious metals, computers, cameras, medication, mobile phones, personal electronic devices, papers, securities or other valuables, business documents, passports and other identification documents or samples, etc., in your checked baggage.

After you’ve reported the loss at the airport, please send us a claim form and provide us with the following documents within 7 days of receipt of your baggage:

  • a list of the missing item(s), together with the year of purchase (invoices, bank statements, etc.)
  • a copy of your ticket
  • baggage tag(s)
  • reference number, given to you at the airport

Have you left an item onboard a flight?

Please contact the Lost & Found office at your arrival airport.

Have you left your passport or ID card onboard a flight to Brussels?

Please contact Brussels Airport.