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Looking for a deal to enjoy greater comfort on your upcoming flight?
Here’s your chance to bid for priority service, a comfortable full flat bed, gourmet dining and luxury lounges!

Great! Am I eligible for UpGrade?

Sorry, we could not find your booking.

Please check your details and try again. If your name contains special characters like éàèç-öüñ, please replace the special characters with standard characters (for example, type Helene instead of Hélène, or Jean Pierre instead of Jean-Pierre). If the problem persists, please contact our Service Center at +32 2 723 23 62 (local tariff) for assistance.

How do I participate?

  • 1

    Name your price

    What is greater comfort worth to you? Indicate how much you’re willing to pay in addition to your ticket. 

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    Sign on.

    Enter your payment information securely. You will be billed only when your bid is successful.

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    Enjoy the suspense.

    Expect an answer any time between 5 days and 48 hours before departure. Whatever the result, we’ll notify you by e-mail.

Read the full Terms & Conditions here

Why bidding is a smart move?

It’s simple - You’ll either enjoy greater luxury or you simply don’t pay!
Depending on what you’re bidding for, when your bid is successful, you could get:

  • Fast lane at security, priority boarding and disembarking.

  • Gourmet dining on our intercontinental flights.

  • Free lounge access for passengers in Business Class and Bizz&Class.

  • Seating at the front of the plane on our short haul flights.

  • Complimentary snack & drink service on our short haul flights in Bizz&Class.

  • A comfortable 2m full flat bed seat on our intercontinental flights.

Frequently Asked Questions

Not all bookings are automatically eligible for an upgrade.  If you booked your flight through a travel agent or a website other than brusselsairlines.com, your booking may, in some cases, not be eligible. Check if your booking is eligible by filling out your booking details in the above login form.
If you want to upgrade a journey with multiple flights, you need to place a bid to upgrade for each flight individually. For example: you can place a bid for your outgoing flight and opt to not bid for your return flight. You can bid different amounts for each flight. If you don't want to upgrade a flight, all you have to do is move the offer slider to the far left to indicate "No Offer" for that flight. Easy!

Note that flights need to be operated by Brussels Airlines to be eligible for an upgrade.
Your bid offer is the amount you're willing to pay, per passenger, in addition to your original ticket cost, to upgrade your specified flight. Each flight has a minimum and maximum assigned bid value. Your bid must lie between these two values. If there are multiple passengers on your booking, your bid applies to all passengers in your booking. It's not possible to split the booking. If your upgrade is accepted, all passengers will be upgraded.
You can place a bid as soon as you have booked your ticket and up to 72 hours prior to your flight's scheduled departure.
Yes, you can modify or cancel your bid up to 72 hours prior to your flight's scheduled departure and as long as your upgrade has not been accepted.  To do so, just click the link in your bidding confirmation email or log in via the above form.

Once you've successfully received an upgrade, upgrades cannot be cancelled nor transferred. If you want to change your flight after you’ve received an upgrade, you regrettably won't be refunded or credited for your successful upgrade bid.

If your bid was unsuccessful, you can't place another bid on the same flight anymore.
The benefits you will be entitled to depend on what you bid for and the type of route you’ve booked. Guests upgrading to Business Class or Bizz&Class are entitled to free lounge access, while passengers upgrading to Flex (for flights between Europe and Africa) or Flex&Fast passengers and can enjoy lounge access against a fee of €29. However, the fare rules of your original ticket will continue to apply to your upgraded booking. Also, the baggage allowance of your original ticket will continue to apply to your upgraded flights.