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    Fly to Entebbe, Uganda

    Uganda, the land of lakes.

    Lake Victoria, Lake Albert, and Lake Kyoga are only a few of the beautiful lakes that make Uganda’s scenery truly breathtaking.

    Uganda, Savannah

    The pearl of Africa.

    Savannah plains, mountain ranges, lakes, and more. Uganda’s diverse landscape will truly amaze you.

    Uganda wildlife

    Amazing wildlife.

    Uganda’s parks are teeming with wildlife. Zebras, antelopes, lions, and gorillas are but a few of the amazing animals you can observe.

    Flights to Entebbe, Uganda

    For a relatively small African country, Uganda packs quite a punch when it comes to nature and wildlife. Uganda is home to Africa’s tallest mountain range (the Rwenzori), its largest lake (Lake Victoria), and the world’s longest river (the Nile). With its misty mountains, lush forests, sprawling savannah plains, and unique wildlife, including the rare mountain gorilla, it’s easy to understand why Winston Churchill dubbed Uganda “The Pearl of Africa.”

    Entebbe is one of Uganda’s major cities. It’s located on a peninsula of Lake Victoria about 37 km from Kampala, Uganda’s capital city. Entebbe has a more relaxing atmosphere than Kampala, while still being close to the international airport, which makes it the ideal starting point for discovering the country.

    So what are you waiting for? Book your flight to Entebbe today and discover Uganda with Brussels Airlines.

    What to do in and around Entebbe?

    1. Gorilla tracking: Uganda is one of the few countries where you can still spot the endangered mountain gorilla in its natural habitat. You will need a permit for gorilla trekking, which costs between USD 450 and USD 600, but this truly unique and surreal travel experience is more than worth the price. You can go gorilla trekking in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and in Mgahinga Gorilla National Park, near the Virunga mountains
    2. Chimpanzee tracking: Mountain gorillas aren’t the only primates you can observe in Uganda. There are several locations where you can view chimpanzees in their natural habitat, but you’ll have the best chance in the Kibale Forest. Keep your eyes peeled for other monkeys such as the black & white colobus, the red-tailed monkey, and the grey-cheeked mangabey while you’re there. Other good locations are the Queen Elizabeth National Park and the chimpanzee sanctuary on Ngamba Island.
    3. Even more wildlife to see: Uganda has much more to see than primates. Elephants, zebras, giraffes, lions and even white rhinos can be found in the Pearl of Africa. Head to one of Uganda’s many national parks, managed by the Ugandan Wildlife Authority, to see your favourites; Queen Elizabeth National Park, Lake Mburo National Park, Kidepo Valley National Park, Murchison Falls National Park, and the Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary are but a few of the most important parks for wildlife viewing.
    4. Rafting or kayaking on the Nile: Watersport enthusiasts will love Uganda! Whether you’re an experienced rafter or kayaker, or a complete novice, the Nile will welcome you. There are wild and challenging rapids for the thrill seekers and gentle flows that are perfect for scenic waterside experiences.
    5. Scale Uganda’s tallest mountains: The snow-capped Rwenzori, also known as the legendary mountains of the moon, are Africa’s tallest mountain range and a great challenge for hikers and climbers. You can also climb Mount Elgon, an extinct volcano with the world’s largest mountain caldera.
    6. Unwind on the Ssese Islands of Lake Victoria: This archipelago of 84 islands (only 43 of which are inhabited) are located in the northwest of Lake Victoria. They’re a popular weekend getaway for the locals living in Kampala and Entebbe. You’ll find many accommodating resorts and guesthouses there, offering you the best paradise island experience in the world. For more information, visit

    Practical information and travel advice for your trip to Entebbe, Uganda

    • Brussels Airlines flights arrive and depart from Entebbe International Airport, which is 5 km from the city of Entebbe and 44 km from Kampala. A taxi ride from Entebbe to Kampala costs USD 30-40.
    • Time zone: UTC/GMT +3:00.
    • Currency: The currency in Uganda is the Ugandan shilling, though US dollars are accepted by large hotels and some tourist activity organisers. Visa cards are accepted by all ATMs; other credit cards are rarely accepted.
    • Telephone calls and Wi-Fi: The dialling code for Uganda is +256.
    • Electric sockets: Sockets have a standard voltage of 240 V and are type G (British plug). If you use European or American plugs, you’ll need an adaptor.
    • Travel information: A visa is required for Uganda, which can be obtained on arrival (USD 50). If you plan on visiting Kenya, Uganda, and Rwanda in the same trip, you can also obtain the joint East Africa visa (USD 100). For more information, visit A foreign driving permit is valid for 3 months in Uganda. Drive on the left, not the right, in Uganda.
    • Vaccination: A yellow fever vaccination is mandatory in Uganda, but if you’re not vaccinated, you can have this done at Entebbe Airport. The following vaccinations are also recommended: Diphtheria, Hepatitis A, Tetanus, and Typhoid. It is also advisable to protect yourself from mosquitos, as malaria is present in Uganda. For more health information, go to

    What to do and what not to do in Uganda

    • Dress modestly and don’t show public affection.
    • Members of the LGBTI community should take care when travelling to Uganda. More info.
    • Avoid swimming in lakes as there is a risk of bilharzia.
    • Don’t wash your hands in front of a Ugandan before your meal. It’s seen as rude and might make them feel like they’re unclean.
    • The official language in Uganda is English and most Ugandans prefer to speak English.

    When to travel to Entebbe, Uganda

    Uganda has a tropical climate. It is generally rainy, with two dry seasons (December – February and June – August). However, due to its large variety of landscapes, temperatures will vary depending on where you are.

    In general, temperatures range between 21°C – 25°C, except for in the mountains where it is cooler and the mountain tops are often covered with snow.

    The best time to come to Uganda is during the dry seasons, especially for wildlife viewing. Keep in mind that for primate viewing, the forests are always humid and rain is hard to avoid.

    What to eat in Entebbe, Uganda

    Ugandan cuisine is not to be missed. Meat or chicken stews are popular dishes and often served with rice, ugali (a stiff maize porridge), or matoke (plantain/banana mash). If you have a sweet tooth, try mandazi (a fried dough pastry). Fish dishes are abundant due to Uganda's many lakes and rivers. The beef, goat, and pork are all of excellent quality.

    Cultural events in Entebbe and Uganda

    • Nyege Nyege Festival (September): Uganda’s answer to Tomorrowland! From Arab techno to Afro house, from Swahili trap to Zouk bass, this music festival is where you’ll find the best African beats.
    • The Nile River Festival – Kayak the Nile: Africa’s largest and longest running annual white-water kayaking and paddleboard festival. This four-day event makes the most of some of the biggest rapids in the world and celebrates the Nile River and its surroundings in Uganda. Each year, the Nile River Festival attracts some of the best athletes worldwide.
    • Milege World Music Festival (November): This annual music festival takes place in the Botanical Gardens of Entebbe. It’s a celebration of world music, cultural dances, poetry and much more. The Repainting Uganda Project also exhibits and sells its art pieces during the festival.
    • Ndere Troupe cultural performance: Want to experience Ugandan culture? Then the lively traditional dances performed by the Ndere Troupe are an absolute must-see. Available each Wednesday, Friday and Sunday in the Ndere Cultural Centre in Kampala.

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