Travelling as a group? We help you to make the good choice!

If you wish to organize a trip for more than 9 people, you can opt for a group booking. Although the fare may be different from the one found on our website when travelling as an individual, you may find that the terms and conditions of a group booking may suit you better. Discover here how a Brussels Airlines group booking works:

 What is a group travel?

  • 10 or more people travelling together in Light&Relax or Economy and 6 or more people travelling together in Bizz&Class or Business
  • All people must travel together on the same flight for both outbound and return
  • All people must fly on the same dates
  • Groups bookings are for Brussels Airlines operated flights only (not for codeshare flights)

 How does the price offer works?

  • A unique group fare is offered to all members of the group. The final fare is highly dependent on the size of the group and the seat capacity of the flight. The bigger the group, the lower the spare capacity, hence, the higher the group fare will be. This will result in fares which are higher than fares for individual bookings.
  • The price offer is valid for 5 days and is subject to availability at the time of reservation request.
  • For travel within Europe, groups can be booked in Light&Relax or Bizz&Class.
  • For intercontinental travels (included flights to Tel Aviv), groups can be booked in both Economy or Business.

 What are the benefits of a group booking?

  • Payment conditions are more flexible, you can book now and pay later
  • Confirmed names only need to be provided one month prior to departure and can be changed/altered up to one week before departure
  • Group members have always the possibility to be seated together
  • Discounted fares for children and infants are applicable
  • Partial cancellations are free of charge until 30 days before departure as long as the minimum groups size is respected
  • A dedicated team will advise you and look after you in case you decide to proceed with a group booking

 How can I make a group booking?

  • Group bookings need to be made on request, using an online request form.
  • Our agents will send a price quote within 2 working days from the request.

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