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    Fly to Rhodes, Greece

    Rhodes Island.

    Rhodes has everything you’re looking for when it comes to a beach holiday. The island is home to intriguing ancient remains, wild pinewood forests and, of course, an incredible coastline.

    Mandraki Harbour, Rhodes

    Mandraki Harbour, Rhodes.

    Connecting the Old Town to the New Town, a gentle stroll around Mandraki Harbour is the perfect opportunity to explore the island’s history.

    Flights to Rhodes: sun, sea and history

    Lindos, Acropolis At the crossroads of the Mediterranean’s major routes, between the Aegean Sea and the Middle East, Rhodes is the largest of the Dodecanese islands in Greece. Thanks to its outstanding natural beauty, its rich historical heritage and an endless number of golden sandy beaches, Rhodes is an attractive tourist destination with excellent facilities.

    If you haven’t thought about the Colossus of Rhodes since school, don’t worry! This wonder of the ancient world was destroyed during an earthquake in 226 BC and, following the advice of the oracle of Delphi, it was never rebuilt. You’ll still be spoilt for choice when it comes to Rhodes’ historical monuments: from ancient acropolises to medieval palaces, from Byzantine churches to Ottoman buildings, there’s something for everyone.

    What are you waiting for? Book your flight to Rhodes now!

    The best places to visit in Rhodes

    1. Grand Master Palace, Rhodes Old TownThe capital city, Rhodes, on the island’s northern tip, is a beautiful and romantic city with an incredible atmosphere. The city is made up of the “New Town”, with its magnificent Venetian, neoclassical and modern buildings, the remains of the island’s Italian period, and the “Old Town”, a fortified medieval city which has been recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage site. Strolling around the city is an opportunity to witness years of history for yourself and is definitely an experience you won’t want to miss!
    2. Surrounded by fortified walls, the medieval city of Rhodes is full of buildings which provide a glimpse of the island’s past and the legacy of the Knights of St. John of Jerusalem, including the impressive Palace of the Grand Master (formerly a Byzantine fortress) and the cobblestoned Street of the Knights, home to the Knights’ lodges and inns. When the Ottoman Turks conquered the island, most of the churches were converted into mosques and existing buildings were modified, with baths and enclosed wooden balconies added.
      Lindos, Beach
    3. Find out more about Rhodes' ancient history by heading to the Rhodes Acropolis, just 3 kilometres from the city centre. With its imposing Temple of Apollo, the acropolis offers fantastic views of the surrounding countryside. Fans of history should also visit the Acropolis of Lindos, which is 50 km from Rhodes and easily accessible by bus (tickets cost €5.50 per person). Built on this unique spot so that the town could “rejoice in the ocean”, you’ll enjoy breathtaking views as the sun shines on the blue Aegean Sea and golden stone buildings (and be warned: you may well be breathless by the time you reach the top of the acropolis, but it’s definitely worth it!).
    4. Elli Beach is the closest beach to the capital, near the harbour. The beach has crystal-clear water and everything you could possibly need: bars, parasols, sun loungers, showers, restaurants and more. Although it’s packed on the weekends, it’s worth a visit if you’re staying in the city or just want to spend a few hours at the beach. You’ll have plenty of restaurants to choose from: the Meltemi is a great option if you want to eat in a real Greek taverna (booking advised).
    5. Enjoy a peaceful stroll around Mandraki Harbour and admire the beautiful sea views, particularly at sunset. Two bronze statues representing two deer (the symbol of Rhodes) have been erected where the Colossus of Rhodes once stood.
      Lindos, Rhodes
    6. If you're in the mood for a day trip, feel like lounging around in the sunshine with a good book or want a family-friendly beach, you’ll be spoilt for choice! Lindos Beach, Faliraki Beach, Antony Quinn Bay and Tsambika Beach are just a few options for anyone who wants to relax. For an action-packed day at the beach, head to the southernmost tip of the island for windsurfing or kitesurfing.
    7. Combine history and relaxation by heading to Kallithea Springs, a spa from ancient times. Spend a day in this peaceful and picturesque place with amazing views for just €2.
    8. Had enough of the beach? Cool off at Seven Springs. Even in the heat of summer, the lush forests surrounding the springs offer plenty of shade to keep you cool.
    9. Petaloudes Valley is another must-see for fans of the great outdoors. Also known as the Valley of Butterflies because of its large number of tiger moths, this valley offers a unique setting for hikers.

    Practical information for your trip to Rhodes

    • Brussels Airlines flights arrive and depart from Rhodes Diagoras airport, 15 km from the city centre.
      • A taxi to the city centre costs €25 and the ride can take anything from 30 minutes to 1 hour, depending on traffic. The Old Town is completely car-free; if you’re staying there, taxis will leave you in front of the city gates. Hotels often organise a pick-up service to help customers with their luggage.
      • If you don’t want to take a taxi, there is a public bus service between Rhodes airport and the city centre. Tickets cost €2.50. The final destination in Rhodes is the bus station in Rimini Square.
    • Current local time in Rhodes:  
    • Currency: Euro. Make sure to always have some cash on hand as not all restaurants accept credit cards. ATMs are available throughout the country.
    • Electric sockets: Plug type C and type F (two round pins) suitable for appliances of 230 V – 50 Hz.
    • Travel information: Greece is part of the Schengen zone, meaning that under normal circumstances, EU citizens may travel without a passport. Non-EU citizens must have a valid passport. Citizens of the following countries may enter Greece without a visa: Countries of the European Union, the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Citizens of other countries require a visa. For all information on visas and travel documents, visit the website:
    • Vaccination: No vaccinations are necessary to visit Greece. For more health information, visit the website

    Dos and don’ts in Rhodes

    • Rhodes, Old TownA boat trip is a great way to spend a day visiting the most beautiful bays and beaches in and around Rhodes. All trips include stop-offs at some of the island’s best beaches and some even include food and drink. All excursions leave from Mandraki Harbour in central Rhodes and begin at around 9am. Prices can vary so it’s best to shop around before deciding. Easily accessible destinations from Rhodes include: Kalymnos, Kastelorizo, Kos, Leros, Lipsi, Patmos, Symo, Tilos and Marmaris (Turkey).
    • Museum enthusiasts should buy a combined ticket which can be used to visit several museums in the Old Town. For €10, visit the Palace of the Grand Master, the Archaeological Museum, the Decorative Arts Collection and the Church of Our Lady of the Castle. Considering that the entrance ticket for the Palace of the Grand Master costs €6, this combined ticket is a very good deal and can be used for 3 consecutive days.
    • Rhodes Harbour, Statue of the Deer
    • Are you looking for the perfect gift or souvenir from your holiday in Greece? Look no further! Sokratous is the most popular shopping area in the Old Town of Rhodes. Looking for something better quality and less touristy? Then head to the New Town! You’ll find international and Greek brands in the area behind Mandraki Harbour.
    • Renting a car or scooter is a good way to explore the island at your own pace. Alternatively, the bus network is an efficient way to travel around and stops at the main tourist destinations.

    A few words of Greek

    • Kalimera is the usual greeting in the morning, if you’re greeting someone in the afternoon or evening, say kalispera. Goodnight is kalinikta, do pay attention though as kalinikta is only used as a goodbye, never as a greeting. Going for drinks with friends? The Greeks don’t say cheers but yamas! Want to go out? Say Pame gia café. It literally means “Let’s go for a coffee” but it’s generally used to go out for drinks, not specifically coffee. If you have a particular Greek lady or gentleman in mind, this is the way to ask them out for a drink.

    Cultural events in Rhodes

    • Medieval Rose Festival (May): this living history event, which transports visitors back in time to the Middle Ages when the Order of the Knights of St. John ruled the island of Rhodes, is held in the medieval town of Rhodes.
    • Festival of St. Paul (29 June): this medieval festival is celebrated on the small bay above Lindos, where the apostle is first said to have set foot on the island.
    • Assumption of the Virgin (15 August): many churches around the island celebrate with a Holy Mass in the morning and panigiri (old traditional festivals) in the village squares in the evening.

    When to go to Rhodes?

    Sunset in Rhodes, GreeceThe island of Rhodes has a Mediterranean climate with mild, rainy winters and hot, sunny summers. The best time to visit is therefore between June and mid-September. It’s hot in summer but the Meltemi winds cool things down, especially on the West Coast. But don’t forget your sunglasses, hat and sun cream!

    What to eat in Rhodes?

    You’ll find plenty of restaurants, particularly in Rhodes’ Old Town, which serve Greek and international cuisine. You should definitely try the local honey, produced in the mountains of Rhodes, and the various local wines (red, white and sweet dessert wine). Wine-tasting tours are available and are often combined with a visit to the Valley of the Butterflies.

    Romance in Rhodes

    Sunset in Rhodes, Greece, Medieval WallsSo your holidays are still a few weeks away but you really need a break? Then head to Rhodes for the weekend! Leave your worries behind, dive into the blue waters of the Aegean Sea and relax like never before.

    The Brussels Airlines flight schedule to Rhodes is very convenient: depart from Brussels on Thursday and return on Sunday evening for a full 72 hours in which to enjoy this marvellous Greek island.

    What’s more, Rhodes is one of the most romantic places in Europe. With breathtaking views, stunning sunsets, a unique atmosphere and enchanting beaches, Rhodes has everything you need for an unforgettable trip with that special someone.

    Suggestions for a romantic getaway in Rhodes

    Where to stay Spirit of the Knights Boutique Hotel, Garden

    The Spirit of the Knights Boutique Hotel

    In the heart of the historic Old Town in Rhodes, away from the main street, this boutique hotel is a real oasis of calm. Step inside the hotel: your worries will disappear like magic! The building, which is classified as a monument, was fully renovated in 2008. The hotel has six suites with evocative names (the Ottoman Suite, the Grand Master Suite, the Pasha Suite, the Knight’s Chamber, the Crusader Suite, and the Rodos Suite) and two common areas: the library, a beautiful space with an Ottoman decor, and a peaceful garden with a jacuzzi pool. You’ll love the attentive staff and the sound of gently flowing water during your stay. Highly recommended.

    Where to eat

    Ta Petaladika (Menekleous Street 8, Rhodes)

    A great place with authentic Greek food in the Old Town of Rhodes. Booking is advisable, particularly on weekends and in summer.

    Ouzokafenes (Menekleous Street 17, Rhodes)

    A delightful restaurant in Rhodes’ Old Town in a picturesque setting and with an enchanting atmosphere. Try the ouzo and the meze for starters.

    Rooftop restaurants

    Platia Ippokratous is one of the town’s most popular spots with tourists. But it’s home to several restaurants which serve good Greek food in beautiful roof gardens: perfect for enjoying some of the island’s amazing sunsets.

    Things to do Rhodes, Elli Beach

    • Ignore the map: get lost in the Old Town of Rhodes. It’s utterly charming, no matter where you end up!
    • Enjoy stunning sunsets while walking around Mandraki Harbour or around the medieval walls.
    • Head to Lindos, the picture-perfect Greek town which has historical heritage and gorgeous beaches. The main beach has plenty of restaurants which serve fresh seafood and salads. If you want to spend the night in Lindos, the Melenos Lindos Hotel is definitely the ideal romantic setting.
    • Relax on Ellie Beach in Rhodes and enjoy this romantic yet cool spot!

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