Emergency contact

1. Who should I contact in case of an emergency (damage or disease)? 

Before departure?

If you have taken out a cancellation insurance and you are forced to cancel or postpone your trip, you can contact us by phone on +32 (0)2 5419148. 

During my trip?

In case of any emergency, always contact the emergency services first! But don’t worry, we are here to help you – call us on +32 (0)2 5337575. 

Ill or injured during your trip?

We request that you always notify us within 48 hours. To allow us to help you faster, please always mention:

  • your name, contract number, date of birth and address in Belgium 
  • the exact location and phone number of where you are 
  • if necessary, the contact details of your GP and people that need to be notified. 

In case of hospitalization, please give us the exact contact details of the hospital and of the doctor who is responsible for your file. 

Need ambulatory care?

Always ask for a medical report for our doctors. In case of emergency, Europ Assistance will contact the local doctor. 

2. Who can I contact if I need to cancel my trip or change my departure date? 

In case you are forced to cancel your trip or change your departure date, please notify Brussels Airlines at number +32 (0)2 2006234 and, if it concerns a risk covered contact us within 5 days by phone on +32 (0)2 5419148.