Medical assistance and luggage insurance

If tomorrow you travel abroad, plenty of things can happen. The consequences of an unexpected event are always more serious and more expensive as soon as you leave Belgium, even if you don’t travel far.
Whether you travel far or nearby, only a complete medical assistance will prevent you from getting into an awkward predicament while you suffer your misfortune. 

What is covered by the medical assistance of Europ Assistance?

Consult the medical assistance product information sheet here.

You also have the possibility to extend this coverage with luggage insurance. 

What is covered by the luggage insurance of Europ Assistance?

  • Damaged luggage 
  • Stolen luggage 
  • Delayed luggage – flight   

Consult the baggage insurance product information sheet here.


More information: 

General conditions medical assistance (pdf)
General conditions baggage insurance (pdf)
Luggage claim form (pdf)
Precontractual information - baggage insurance (pdf)
Precontractual information - medical assistance (pdf)
Privacy notice (pdf)