Things to know before booking

  1. Children up to and including 12 years of age must always be accompanied by a person aged 18 years or older who will bear responsibility for the child throughout the trip. In addition, the child must travel together with his/her parent or guardian on the same flight and in the same travel class, unless the Unaccompanied Minor service has been booked.

  2. While planning your journey, look into the documents you will need for your child and check the regulations of the country you are flying from and to. Be sure you have all the required documents before arriving at the airport. Children of European Union citizens travelling from, to or through countries in the European Union need to carry their own passport or ID card. Having their names entered in their parent’s passport is no longer permitted.

  3. New-born babies are not allowed to travel during the 7 days following birth.

  4. Travelling by air does not present any specific health problems for a healthy baby or small child. However, if you are uncertain, contact your paediatrician. We advise changing your flight arrangements in the event of the following:
    • Acute head cold
    • Following illness with a raised temperature
    • After surgery
    You must change your flight arrangements if your child is suffering from a contagious illness such as whooping cough, measles, mumps, rubella, chicken pox etc.