Safety on board

Everything you always wanted to know but never dared to ask! Tips for a safe flight.

To avoid any risk of interference, the use of the following electronic devices on board is prohibited:

  • Satellite and cellular phones (Mobile phones - except those with flight mode - have to be completely turned off from the time the aircraft leaves the park to when it reaches it's final park position at the destination airport)
  • Portable televisions
  • Portable videotape recording and playback devices
  • Radio receivers
  • Radio transmitters
  • Toys operated by remote control
  • Cordless mouse for laptop computers
  • Any electronic devices that have not been identified as not causing interference with aircraft systems
  • GPS devices

The use of the following electronic devices is permitted during flight:

  • Mobile phones & tablets in flight mode
  • Electronic games without remote controls (e.g. Gameboy)
  • Portable personal music players (compact disc, mini disc or cassette players)
  • Portable voice recorders
  • Electronic shavers (Please note that the in-seat power supply in A330 Business Class cabins must not be used for this purpose, as it only provides an average of 75 Watts)
  • Video cameras
  • Portable DVD players

The operation of the following devices is permitted during all phases of the flight:

  • Electronic wristwatches
  • Heart pacemakers
  • Hearing aids

Smoking is not permitted on any of Brussels Airlines’ flights.
Smoking is strictly forbidden in the aircraft’s toilets.
In case of doubts, do not hesitate to ask our cabin crew.